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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Fall 2018

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ACT (Addiction Cognition Technology)

Advanced ACT (Addiction Cognition Technology) for substance use prediction in young adults by measuring cognitive load and physical functionality dynamics in real-time.

Team Members:
Sang Won (Grace) Bae | Entrepreneurial Lead | Systems Scientist, HCII, School of Computer Science
Daniel P. Siewiorek| Academic Lead, Faculty, HCII, School of Computer Science
Lynne Porter | I-Corps Business Mentor
Afsaneh Doryab | Faculty, HCII, School of Computer Science, Technological consultant
Prerna Chikersal | Graduate student, HCII, School of Computer Science, Data scientist, Software development
Serim Jang |BS in Statistics and Machine Learning, School of Computer Science, Data analyst, User experience researcher
Tammy Chung | UPMC PhD Department of Psychiatry University Professor, Psychological consultant, Substance use expertise

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Offering an integrated learning environment to the student where contents, discussions, feedback are all seamlessly integrated.

Team Members:
Umut Acar | Entrepreneurial Lead | Faculty, School of Computer Science
Anil Ada | Academic Lead | Faculty, School of Computer Science
MaryDel Brady | I-Corps Mentor

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ExperiML uses AI to enable, accelerate, and automate experimentation. Businesses require experimentation to best meet the needs of their customers, be it developing a new material, optimizing an industrial process, or making personalized recommendations.

Team Members:
Kirthevasan Kandasamy | Entrepreneurial Lead | Ph.D. candidate, School of Computer Science 
Jeff Schneider| Academic Lead | Faculty, School of Computer Science
Willie Neiswanger | Ph.D. candidate, School of Computer Science 
Lynne Porter | I-Corps Mentor


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Radio-frequency communication solutions based on full-in band duplexers.

Team Members:
Gabriel Vidal Álvarez | Entrepreneurial Lead | Postdoctoral Researcher, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gianluca Piazza | Academic Lead, CTO| Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Abhay S. Kochhar | Research Scientist, Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing , Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lynne Porter | I-Corps Mentor


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Sensor which measures the pose of a rigid object given a CAD model.

Team Members:
Eric Huang | Entrepreneurial Lead | Ph.D. Candidate, School of Computer Science
Jacob Paniklulam | Team Member
Dawn Rucker | I-Corps Mentor


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We are building a deep learning software to analyze pathological imaging of the placenta and provide diagnostic feedback to the pathologist as a low cost early detection method for predicting which infants will benefit most from more in-depth pathological inspection.

Team Members:
Daniel Clymer | Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
Philip LeDuc | Academic Lead, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Cagan | Advisor, Integrated Innovation Institute
MaryDel Brady | I-Corps Mentor

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OpenAMR: Open Antimicrobial Resistance

OpenAMR is an instrument that automatically reads and reports antibiotic susceptibility tests.

Team Members:
Morgan Greenleaf | Entrepreneurial Lead|Master's Student MSPM, Tepper School of Business
Dr. Gerard Douglas | Academic Lead | Faculty, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Greg Coticchia |Advisor
Kavya Hiryur | Undergraduate student, Instrument validation
MaryDel Brady | I-Corps Mentor

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A navigation mobile app that guides drivers to find on-street parking space with minimum circling time, distance to destination and parking fee.

Team Members:
Zhuo Chen | Entrepreneurial Lead | Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Diana Marculescu| Academic Lead | Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ruizhou Ding | Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technology and product development
Ting-wu Chin | Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technology and product development
MaryDel Brady | I-Corps Mentor

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PreFab Services LLC

PreFab Services enables research-scale microfabrication/nanofabrication solutions by providing high quality fabrication services with quick turnaround and at reasonable cost to clients.

Team Members:
Norman Gottron| Entrepreneurial Lead, Staff, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Tepper School of Business alumnus
Lynne Porter | I-Corps Mentor

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Two sets of research-based online interactive materials to teach Python programming to both students and instructors.

Team Members:
Steven Moore| Entrepreneurial Lead Ph.D. | Candidate in HCII, School of Computer Science
John Stamper | Academic Lead | Faculty, HCII, School of Computer Science
Norman Bier | Technical Lead support, Director, Open Learning Initiative, Executive Director, Simon Initiative
Dawn Rucker | I-Corps Mentor

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Sign Track

Sign Track is developing automatic American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting software to facilitate communication between Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and the non-signing population.

Team Members:
Brandon Taylor | Entrepreneurial Lead | Postdoctoral Fellow, HCII, School of Computer Science 
JoAnna Taylor | Team Member 
Elijah Mayfield | Mentor

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Three10 Solutions, Inc.

We have built a prototype of a patent search engine that uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify relevant prior art patents.

Team Members:
Curtis Wadsworth | Entreprenuerial Lead 
Michael Shamos | Academic Lead | Faculty, LTI, School of Computer Science
Jay DePasse | CTO | Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Shawn Brown | Technical Advisor | McGill University
Greg Coticchia | Executive Director, MSPM, Tepper School of Business, Advisor
Dawn Rucker | I-Corps Mentor