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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Fall 2016

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Soft electronic materials for wearable computing

Arieca produces soft and stretchable materials with enhanced electrical and thermal properties. These materials can be used as circuit wiring, sensors, and passive heat exchangers for wearable electronics. 

Carmel Majidi, Founder | Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Navid Kazem | Ph.D. Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Joshua Umo | Mechanical Engineering

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BuildFit provides ‘FitBit’ for all owners, managers and users of buildings of any size, topology and location. Buildings are complex living systems that must constantly balance resource consumption with services. But too often these dual priorities are out of balance, resulting in unnecessary power, water and gas bills, excessive carbon footprints and/or an uncomfortable space. Building Ideas directly addresses this challenge with a data-driven platform that provides day-to-day resource and service operating and investment decisions by making the most of the pre-existing data sources already embedded in the building. 

Team Members:
Azizan Aziz, COO | Assistant Research Professor, School of Architecture
Bertrand Lasternas, CFO | School of Architecture, Research Scientist, Building Diagnostic and Performance


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Advanced educational technology platforms for students, educators, artists, hobbyists and researchers.

Team Members:
John Choi, CEO | BCSA
Maximilian Kiefer, Business Development and Fundraising Operations Consultant
Software Developers: Aren Davey, John Curcio, Harvey Shi, Fiona Li, Brian Lu, Marcus Horn
Volunteer Outreach Mentors: Ruvini Navaratna, Hannah Loy, Yosser D'Avanzo, Kevin Apolo
Volunteer Middle Managers: Dimitrios Konstantinidis, Oliver Zhang, Terence Huang


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Dapper Kitchen

A direct to consumer e-commerce kitchen product company that focuses on providing a simple and high value buying experience. The site will also serve as a content provider for how to effectively, efficiently and inexpensively shop for food and cook it at home.

Team Members:
Andrew Ellerhorst, CEO & Founder, Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow
Stephen Sweeney, Competitor & Customer Research
Danielle Ellerhorst, Website Development & Digital Marketing

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Embedded System Microfluidics, LLC

Through the use of embedded system and microfluidic technology the product will automatically (robotically) collect patient samples and data simultaneously. Targeted to the clinical research market only and focused on hospitalized patients this system aims to collect data from the patient Electronic Medical Record and collect samples from the patient with minimal human attendance.

Alan Rosenbloom, CEO & Founder | Faculty in the Engineering Research Accelerator (ERA)




GenAMap helps physicians to understand their patients by using novel machine learning methods to understand genomic data. The prices of genomic tests have dropped dramatically in the last 10 years and as this price continues to drop, clinicians will increasingly incorporate genomic tests into routine medical care. Using our team's unique expertise in machine learning, computational biology, and human-computer interfaces, we are building the software that will enhance the value of healthcare's coming paradigm shift.

Team Members:
Ben Lengerich, Ph.D. Student, School of Computer Science
Haohan Wang, Machine Learning Lead
Min Kyung Lee, HCI Lead
Eric Xing, Principal Investigator

[ H - M ]

Inventory Connection logo

Inventory Connection

Inventory Connection's web application transfers retailers' real-time inventory data to each of their vendors allowing them to stock their supermarket's shelves better.

Team Members:
Kerolos Mikail, CTO & Co-founder, Carnegie Mellon University
John Lipari, Co-founder & CEO, Trinity College
George Saieed, Full-Stack Design Intern, University of Chicago
Isabel Lien, Graphic Design Intern, Purdue University
Don Morrison, Advisor
Kit Needham, Advisor

[ N - Z ]

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A mobile app to search video and images in personal archives through text queries.

Team Members:
Alexander Hauptmann, Founder, Faculty SCS/LTI
Lu Jiang, CTO
Cindy Chepanoske, Advisor

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TalkMeUp (formerly Mirrorlands)

TalkMeUp is a smart soft-skill training tool. They use Machine Learning to assess the presenter’s speech pattern and mannerisms. Adding acting techniques, they provide a fun customized learning experience.

Team Members:
JJ (Jiaojiao) Xu, Co-founder, Tepper School of Business, Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow
Leon Du, CTO, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Innowave logo

Vayu (formerly Innowave)

Yoga is a $24B industry. Yoga accessories - including yoga wear, mats, assists (yoga blocks, belts, towels) are stacked in every department and specialty sports store. For practitioners that have just begun, they find it easy to engage their lower body quickly. The upper body - back, torso, chest, shoulders, and biceps are tough to engage, especially for beginners. This has limited yoga to a predominantly female following - those who want to build lean bodies, burn calories, and do not desire muscle bulk. Our first product will be the Yoga Bow - the bow used by the warrior Arjuna, around which all warrior poses are based on. This will allow engaging the upper body, back, shoulders, fore arms, and chest and using the same prop in other poses will help engage the core.

Team Members:
Vineet Jain, CEO, Tepper School of Business, Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow
Jon Gaul, Marketing, Tepper School of Business
Jonathan Lemor, Manufacturing, Tepper School of Business
Hanna-Rose Bloom, Community Outreach, Ashtanga School of Yoga, Highland Yoga, Atlanta, GA.