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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Fall 2015

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Advanced Respiratory Technologies, LLC

Advanced Respiratory Technologies, LLC focuses on the design and testing of next generation artificial lungs for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.

Team Members:
David Skoog, CTO| Engineering Laboratory Technician, Biomedical Engineering
Keith Cook, COO | | Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Matthew Bacchetta, CMO


Critical Material Extraction & Recovery

Anactisis designs systems to extract and recover critical materials and minerals, such as the rare earth elements, from unconventional sources, including geothermal fluids and coal combustion fly ash.

Team Member:
Thanasis Karamalidis, Founder & CEO | Associate Research Professor, CEE
Clint Noack, Co-founder & COO | Post-doctoral Researcher, CEE
Newell Washburn, Consultant | Associate Professor, Chemistry
Kedar Perkins, Research Assistant | Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry
Max Dizard, Consultant| Business Development and Market Analysis

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Cellugreen Technologies (Green Polymer Modifications)

Cellugreen Technologies (Green Polymer Modifications) adds value to polymeric feedstocks using cutting edge advances in chemistry and engineering.

Team Members:
Lawrence J Hill, Co-founder & Technical Lead | Visiting Researcher in Chemistry
John Michael, Co-founder & Researcher | CIT 2015; Chemistry Extern

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The CPR Dummy of Spinal Manipulation

Chiroproktor is an instructional medical device developed to assist Doctors of Chiropractic (DC), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Physical Therapists (PT) and Physiatrists in developing techniques for spinal manipulation and adjusting back pain and injuries.

Team Members:
Torrell DaShawne Jackson, Founder & Investor | TPR 2016
Angenique Jackson, Founder & Investor

EDDA Analytics Group

Evidence in Documents, Discovery and Analysis

Evidence in Documents, Discovery and Analytics Group (EDDA) develops software to improve human welfare by finding and displaying evidence in scientific documents.

Team Members:
Tanja Bekhuis, PI & Lead
Eugene Tseytlin, Systems Developer
Faina Linkov, Epidemiologist


Flagtag offers users real-life prizes through a gamified, augmented reality, Easter egg hunt.

Team Members:
Omar El-Sadany, CEO | SCS 2016
Ian Go, CTO | DC 2016
Blake Chasen, COO | Tepper 2016
Jesse Mendelson, CMO | Tepper 2016
Matt Hillman, Director of Business Development | DC 2017
Evan Brown, Software Developer

Forest Devices

Getting Stroke Patients to the Right Treatment Faster with Non-Invasive Diagnostics Created for the Pre-Hospital Environment

Forest Devices provides a non-invasive, diagnostic technology that can identify stroke in ambulances, nursing homes and other pre-hospital environments.
Team Members:

Matthew Kesinger, CEO | HC 2016
Dan Willis, CTO
Steve Morro, Chief Business Officer
Angelo Butera, Electrical Engineer
Steven Norcup, Director, Clinical Trials
Carmelo Montalvo, Director Operations and Human Resources
Alessandro Migliuolo, Product Manager
Ti-Chen Chen, Lead Quality Engineer
Kyle Winkler, Director Communications

[ H - M ]


Human Motion Technologies LLC, analyzes patient feedback and biomechanics data to provide lower-limb amputees with the opportunity to test-drive potential prostheses using a robotic prosthesis emulator.

Team Members:
Josh Caputo, Founder & President | CIT 2010 & 2015; Postdoctoral Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

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ImHealthy is developing a system of mobile apps and electronic health records that can be used to perform comprehensive evaluations of patients and guide the design of personalized intervention.

Team Members:
Leming Zhou, Team Leader
Valerie Watzlaf, Co-team Lead
Paul Abernathy, Consultant
Kristina Abernathy, Consultant
Rocco Adams, MD, Consultant
Matthew Walsh, Consultant
Kim Peterson, PhD Student
Steve Moeini, PhD Student
Peijun Ren, Programmer
Hao Wang, Programmer
Gayathri Hebbar, Programmer

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Impact Proteomics

Impact Proteomics provides advanced solutions for protein handling, including proteome sample preparation, bulk protein processing and rapid protein analysis methods, to help answer important questions about proteins, the proteome and diseases.

Team Members:
Jonathan Minden, Founder | Professor in Biological Sciences
Amber Lucas, Scientist | MCS 2016


Mieryx is developing the next-generation, molecular-computing platform for rapid, point-of-care genetic testing, on-site detection and classification of pathogens.

Team Members:
Danith H. Ly, Founder & CEO | Professor of Chemistry
Weiche Hsieh | MCS 2016
Dinithi Perera | MCS 2016
Gustavo Martinez

[ N - T ]

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Precision NeuroScopics

Precision NeuroScopics is developing a next-generation, ultra-high-density, non-invasive, portable wireless brain sensing device to replace the traditional EEG with real-time brain sensing.

Team Members:
Ashwati Krishnan, Entrepreneurial Lead
Shawn K. Kelly, Founder & CEO | Senior Systems Scientist, ICES
Pulkit Grover, Founder | Assistant Professor, ECE
Jeffrey A. Weldon, Founder | Assistant Professor, ECE

SimSim, LLC

The World's Best Home Access Management Solution

SimSim, LLC, , provides a secure, home-access management solution through sharable locks and mobile apps.

Team Members:
Raghav Kandubai, Founder & CEO | TPR 2015
Xing Chen, Founder & iPhone & Backend Developer | SCS 2015
Tony Gallippi, Founder & Hardware
Stowe Hammarberg, Industrial Design | CFA 2016

Skycision, Inc.

Skycision, Inc., offers autonomous aerial mapping, flight planning, and analysis of climate and crop success.

Team Members:

Brendan Carroll, President & CEO | HC 2015
Alec Assaad, Systems Engineer | CIT 2015

Titan Robotics, Inc. 

Titan Robotics, Inc. is developing a scalable and environmentally friendly robotic system to remove paint and coatings from aircraft.

Team Members:
Stuart Lawrence, Founder & CEO/President | Commercialization Specialist, NREC
Herman Herman, Co-founder | Principal NREC Commercialization Special, NREC
Anthony Stentz, Co-founder | Research Professor, NREC
Eric Meyhofer, Co-founder
Andy Strat, Senior Robotics Engineer | Senior Robotics Engineer, NREC
David Galati, Senior Robotics Engineer | Senior Robotics Engineer, NREC
Gabe Goldman, Robotics Engineer | Senior Robotics Engineer, NREC
Justin Haines, Senior Robotics Engineer | Senior Robotics Engineer, NREC
Brandon Kmetz, Robotics Engineer | Robotics Engineer, NREC