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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Fall 2014

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Providing spinal comfort and support

Team Members:

Courtney Williamson, CEO | Tepper 2015 Ph.D.
Eleanor Haglund, Director of Marketing | DC 2016
Britta Ulm, Contractor | SCS 2014



Informational resource for the access-challenged community: a nation-wide ratings and reviews system for those utilizing wheelchairs and assistive walking devices.

Team Members:
Robert Saul, CEO | Heinz 2015
John-Paul Labadie, CIO
Swaroop Akkineni, Programming Intern


Ancure, LLC

A medical device coating company that aims to treat brain aneurysms using controlled release of biologics.

Team Members:
Chris Bettinger, Founder | Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Madeline Cramer | CIT 2014, 2015

Carbon Freight

Advanced Containers

Carbon Freight develops ultralight pallets and containers that deliver up to half of the fuel burn of traditional ULDs. Welcome to the future of air cargo.

Team Members:
John Dieser, President & COO | MCS 2015
Glenn Philen, CEO | CIT 2015



Digest-O-Mat provides smart urban waste management solutions. The Digest-O-Mat converts organics waste into cooking gas and fertilizer for restaurants and commercial food kitchens.

Team Members:
Jacob Douenias, Co-founder | CFA 2013
Rohan Rathod, Co-founder | CFA 2014
Gabrielle Cusimano, Test Manager/Intern | CIT 2014


Expii, Inc.

Expii empowers everybody to collaboratively create interactive expositions on high school subjects (currently math and science) on an open platform. Expii aims to crowdsource a one-stop destination filled with the world's most engaging, exciting and interactive expositions, which make difficult school subjects crystal clear. On top of this base, they are building a network of value added services.

Team Members:
Po-Shen Loh, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences


NSF icon

Gastronome Foods

A proprietary technological approach to make on-the-go foods such as pancakes as well as desirable on-the-go baked foods with nutritional value for the pediatric and geriatric markets.

Team Members:
Phil LeDuc, Co-founder & Technical Developer | Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Ron Gargani, Co-founder & Business Developer
Rachel LeDuc, Co-founder & Business Developer

[ H - M ]


Innovesca is a food innovation company that develops processing technologies to naturally unlock a food’s nutritional benefits. Through their core technology, Innovesca takes nutritious plants that already exist in developing regions but go to waste, such as amaranth leaves, and manufacture ingredients with optimized nutrition for the functional food market. This research was developed initially at Carnegie Mellon University and has been funded by the Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

Team Members:
Mary Beth Wilson, Founder & CEO | CIT 2007, CIT 2013, Ph.D.
Alison Etheridge, Operations & Supply Chain Strategy


LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield is a process and materials development company which is disrupting a $6 billion corrosion-resistant coatings market through commercialization of its proprietary aluminum electroplating system. Lumishield coatings have the potential to provide better corrosion protection than existing technologies with a lower price point and substantial improvements in environmental impact and worker safety.

Team Members:

David Luebke, CEO | Senior Research Scientist, Chemistry
Hunaid Nulwala, Chief Innovation Officer | Assistant Research Professor, Chemistry


[ N - T ]


Pillow Castle is a video game development studio composed of artists, technologists and storytellers coming together to create unbelievable experiences without the need for machine guns or rocket launchers. Their goal is to create safe spaces for daydreamers to explore and imagine — a Pillow Castle, if you will.
(Founded 2013)

Team Members:
Allen Tingley, Co-founder & Producer | Entertainment Technology Center 2014
Albert Shih, Co-founder & CEO | Entertainment Technology Center 2014
Yuxi Zhang, Co-founder & 3D Artist | Entertainment Technology Center 2014

Rapid Flow logo

Rapid Flow Technologies

Surtrac is an innovative approach to real-time traffic signal control, combining research from artificial intelligence and traffic theory. Surtrac optimizes the performance of signals for the traffic that is actually on the road, improving traffic flow for both urban grids and corridors and leading to less waiting, reduced congestion, shorter trips, less pollution and happier travelers.
Team Members:

Greg Barlow, Co-founder | SCS 2008, 2011; Robotics Institute
Steve Smith, Co-founder | Research Professor, Robotics Institute


NSF icon

Salix Lignopolymers

Additives for concrete to increase viscosity, reduce water usage, and improve strength

Team Members:
Newell Washburn, Founder | Associate Professor, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Chetali Gupta, Research Scientist | MSE Ph.D. Candidate


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Energy harvesting diode that can convert ambient heat into electricity for powering sensors, cell phones, laptops and room AC

Team Members:
Yi Luo | R&D, Product Development | Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering|
Ivan Pistov | Business Development | MBA, Tepper School of Business


[ U - Z ]


Revolutionary machine-learning based solutions for the AEC CAD space providing architects, engineers and designers with unparalleled object recognition and 3D modeling capabilities.

Team Members:
David Bradley, Founder & CEO | SCS 2005, 2010; NREC Commercialization Specialist, NREC
Carlos Vallespi, Senior Software Developer | NREC Commercialization Specialist, NREC
Chris Moehle, Business Advisor | Tepper 2014; National Robotics Engineering Center


Wise Telemetry logo

Wise Telemetry

(formerly BreatheWise)


With the Wise Telemetry gas sensor system, gas distributors can monitor real-time supply and usage data at each of their customer’s sites.  The system automatically determines and continuously communicates a gas cylinder’s size, fill level, and usage rate without any user input or special programming.  This data improves delivery route planning, usage tracking, and future demand prediction.  Trust Wise Telemetry to optimize your deliveries and save you money.

Eric Wise, Founder, CEO & CTO | CIT 2014