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Summer Studies

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Math, Science & Technology

Course # Course Name
Biological Sciences
03121 Modern Biology
03124 Modern Biology Laboratory
03161 Molecules to Mind
03132 Basic Science to Modern Medicine



Chemistry Elective


Introduction to Experimental Chemistry

09105 Introduction to Modern Chemistry I
09217 Organic Chemistry I
09218  Organic Chemistry II
Computer Science
15110 Principles of Computing
15112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
15121 Introduction to Data Structures
15150 Principles of Functional Programming
15213 Introduction to Computer Sytems
Mathematical Sciences
21120 Differential and Integral Calculus
21122 Integration and Approximation
21127 Concepts of Mathematics
21241 Matrices and Linear Transformations
21259 Calculus in Three Dimensions
21260 Differential Equations
80110 Nature of Mathematical Reason
80205 Introduction to Rational Choice
80212 Arguments and Logical Analysis
33100 Basic Experimental Physics
33104 Experimental Physics
33115 Physics for Future Presidents
33132 Physics II for Biological Sciences and Chemistry Students
33124  Introduction to Astronomy
33141 Physics I for Engineering Students
33142 Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students
36201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice
36207 Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
36208 Regression Analysis
36217 Probability Theory and Random Processes
36220 Engineering Statistics and Quality Control
36225 Introduction to Probability Theory
36226 Introduction to Statistical Inference
36309 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences