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Summer Studies

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Course # Course Name
CFA Interdisciplinary
62306 Music-Cinema-Culture
Dietrich College Interdisciplinary
66221 Topics of Law: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
76101 Interpretation and Argument 
76241 Introduction to Gender Studies 
76246 Introduction to Shakespeare
76265 Survey of Forms: Poetry
 76270 Writing for the Professions 
79104 Global Histories
79201 Introduction to Anthropology
79341 The Cold War in Documents and Film 
79347 Masterworks of European Culture: Music, Art, Society Before and After WWI & WWII
Modern Languages
82137 Chinese Calligraphy: Culture and Skills
82208 Topics in European Studies
82278 Japanese Film and Literature: The Art of Storytelling 
82283 Language Diversity & Cultural Identity 
82294 Topics in Russian Language and Culture: 20th Century Masterpieces
82303 Introduction to French Culture
82304 The Francophone World 
82305 French in its Social Contexts
82335 Chinese Culture Through Language and Folktales
80100 Introduction to Philosophy
80130 Introduction to Ethics
80135 Introduction to Political Philosophy 
80180 Nature of Language
80210 Logic and Proofs
80242 Conflict and Dispute Resolution 
80276 Philosophy of Religion 
85102 Introduction to Psychology
85241 Social Psychology
36309 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences