Carnegie Mellon University

Summer Studies

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Course # Course Name
Dietrich College Interdisciplinary
66221 Topics of Law: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
76101 Interpretation and Argument
76226 Film and Literature: Mystery, Sexuality, and Culture in American Film
76234 Media: Past, Present, and Future
76270 Writing for the Professions
76390  Style
76267 Writing for the Professions
79104 Global Histories
79201 Introduction to Anthropology
79231 American Foreign Policy: 1945-Present
79270 History of Modern Warfare
79347 European Society & Culture Between and After the Two Great Wars of the 20th Century
79266 The Emergence of the 'Modern' Middle East: 1750-Present
80100 Introduction to Philosophy          
80110 Nature of Mathematical Reason
80135 Introduction to Political Philosophy
80270 Philosophy of Mind

Modern Languages


Topics in European Studies

82293 Introduction to Russian Culture
85102 Introduction to Psychology
85241 Social Psychology
36201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice
36309 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences