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Course # Course Name
  Dietrich College Interdisciplinary
 66221 Topics of Law: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law 
76101 Interpretation and Argument
76234 Media: Past, Present, and Future
76264 Special Topics in Creative Writing
76270 Writing for the Professions
79104 Global Histories
79251 Women and Gender in Modern Europe
79271 East Asia in the World, 1600-Present
79274 European Art History: Renaissance to the Present
79318 Sustainable Social Change: History and Practice
  Modern Languages
82101 Elementary French I
82102 Elementary French II
82131 Elementary Chinese I
82132 Elementary Chinese II

Elementary Chinese for Heritage Students

82137 Chinese Calligraphy: Culture and Skills
82161 Elementary Italian I
82162 Elementary Italian II
82171 Elementary Japanese I
82172 Elementary Japanese II
82173 Introduction to Japanese I
82174 Introduction to Japanese II
82208 European Society & Culture 
82271 Intermediate Japanese I
82272 Intermediate Japanese II
82273 Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
82278 Japanese Film and Literature: The Art of Storytelling
82279 Anime - Visual Interplay between Japan and the World
82284 Multicultural Pittsburgh
82293 Russian Cinema
82371 Advanced Japanese I
82372 Advanced Japanese II
82399 Special Topics: Russian in Context
57149 Basic Harmony I
57173 Survey of Western Music History
57188 Repertoire and Listening for Musicians
57341 Sound Recording Workshop
57342 Sound Recording Workshop
80100 Introduction to Philosophy
80130 Introduction to Ethics
80135 Introduction to Political Philosophy
80180 Nature of Language
80210 Logic and Proofs
80276 Philosophy of Religion
85102 Introduction to Psychology
85241 Social Psychology
36202 Methods for Statistics & Data Science
36207 Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
36208 Regression Analysis
36219 Probability Theory and Random Processes
36225 Introduction to Probability Theory
36226 Introduction to Statistical Interference
36315 Statistical Graphics and Visualization
36350 Statistical Computing