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Summer Studies

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Course # Course Name
Business Administration
70371 Organizational Management
70207 Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
70208 Regression Analysis
70311 Organizational Behavior
70371 Operations Management
Dietrich College Interdisciplinary
66221 Topics of Law: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
73100 Principles of Economics
Mathematical Sciences
21127 Concepts of Mathematics
21241 Matrices and Linear Transformations
21122 Integration and Approximation
21259 Calculus in Three Dimensions
21260 Differential Equations
Public Policy & MGT: SCH OF PUB POL & MGT
90413 Environmental Policy, Politics, and Justic
90452 Apply Statistics for Public Policy
90454 Applied Economics
90463 China Goes Global
90466 Diversity Management & Intergroup Leadership
36207 Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
36208 Regression Analysis
36226 Introduction to Statistical Inference
36309 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences  
36201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice