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Arts & Culture

Course # Course Name
Arts & Culture
62306 Music-Cinema-Culture
62310 Alexander Technique for Presenting/Speaking, Performance, and Other Activities 
76101 Interpretation and Argument
76241 Introduction to Gender Studies
76246 Introduction to Shakespeare 
76265 Survey of Forms: Poetry 


Writing for the Professions


Global Histories


Introduction to Anthropology


Russian History: From Communism to Capitalism


Masterworks of European Culture: Music, Art, Society Before and After WWI & WWII
Modern Languages
82101 Elementary French I
82102 Elementary French II
82103 Elementary French I Online
82104 Elementary French II Online 
82114 Arabic for Global Exchange Online
82115 Beginning Arabic for Oral Communication
82131 Elementary Chinese I
82132 Elementary Chinese II
82133 Elementary Chinese Online I
82134 Elementary Chinese Online II
82137 Chinese Calligraphy: Culture and Skills 
82141 Elementary Spanish I
82142 Elementary Spanish II
82143 Elementary Spanish I Online
82144 Elementary Spanish II Online
82161 Elementary Italian I
82162 Elementary Italian II
82171 Elementary Japanese I
82172 Elementary Japanese II


Introduction to Japanese I
82191 Elementary Russian I
82201 Intermediate French I
82202 Intermediate French II
82208 Topics in European Studies
82231 Intermediate Chinese I

Intermediate Chinese II

82271 Intermediate Japanese I
82272 Intermediate Japanese II
82273 Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
82278 Japanese File and Literature: The Art of Storytelling
82283 Language Diversity & Cultural Identity 
82294 Topics in Russian Language and Culture: 20th Century Masterpieces
82303 Introduction to French Culture
82304 The Francophone World
82305 French in it's Social Contexts
82331 Advanced Chinese I
82332 Advanced Chinese II
82334 Structure of Chinese
82335 Chinese Culture Through Language and Folktales
82371 Advanced Japanese I
82372 Advanced Japanese II
82399 Special Topics: Russian in Context
57149 Basic Harmony I
57173 Survey of Western Music History
57188 Repertoire and Listening for Musicians
57341 Sound Recording Workshop
57342 Sound Recording Workshop