Carnegie Mellon University


The array of programs and opportunities undertaken by student organizations each year demands that many groups raise funds in addition to those available through the Student Activities Fee. Thus, many student organizations In order to request a special allocation from Student Senate, please contact the Finance Committee Chair at

On Campus

  • Bake sales (please refer to the food handling policies)
  • Selling merchandise (flowers, doughnuts, candy, etc.)
  • Selling services (housekeeping, yard work, car washes)
  • Rummage sales
  • Charging admission to events
  • Selling concessions at events

Off Campus

  • Asking businesses to donate goods to use as prizes
  • Seeking donations of goods or services to directly support your organization’s programs (such as donated pizza for an activity)
  • Asking for fiscal donations

Other Ideas

  • Collecting dues from members
  • Co-sponsoring programs with other organizations. Look for university departments or other student organization with similar missions and pool resources to co-sponsor events

Important Note about Raffles

Under Pennsylvania state law, 50/50 raffles or raffles with cash prizes are prohibited without a license. If you are arranging a raffle with non-cash gifts or prizes, please contact Student Activities for more information and instructions.