Carnegie Mellon University

Funding Requests

The special allocations process grants any initiative or student organization the opportunity to seek Student Senate fiscal support. When requesting a special allocation, groups should always communicate to the Finance Committee how the initiative benefits the broader campus community.

Special Allocations funding is intended to provide financial support in the following categories:

1. Initiatives or student organizations that are new to the Carnegie Mellon University community;

2. Student Government Recognized organizations that received funding from the Joint Funding Committee for the given fiscal year that incur unexpected costs that are not the result of fiscal irresponsibility;

3. Initiatives or student organizations that are either ineligible for Student Government Recognition or did not receive funding from the Joint Funding Committee, given that the special allocation funds are used in a manner consistent with the Carnegie Mellon University Activities Fee Policy and the Carnegie Mellon University Statement of Assurance 

For a full list of policies regarding special allocations, please consult Article IV of the Student Senate Fiscal Policy.

In order to request a special allocation from Student Senate: 

  • Fill out the Common Funding Application (Campus Links -> Funding Common Application in the Bridge), and check the option for Student Senate
  • Make a full, itemized budget for the request reflecting the most updated actual/anticipated costs and revenue. You may use our sample Excel budgeting template as a guide.
  • Wait for an email from the Finance Chair, reserving a date and time for your organization to meet with the committee (usually within a week of submitting the application)
  • Attend the meeting with the Senate Finance committee, which will make a recommendation to the Student Senate General Body for final approval

Please contact the Finance Chair, Diana Crookston, at with any questions throughout this process.


The Finance Committee meets on a Monday, and will usually make a recommendation to the Senate General Body within 48 hours. Special circumstances may require longer deliberation from the committee (up to two weeks). If the committee recommendation is greater than $750, you will be asked to attend the next Senate General Body Meeting (Thursdays at 5pm, CUC Danforth Conference Room) after which the recommendation was made. At the General Body meeting, you may be asked to answer outstanding questions from Student Senators. After questions and discussion, the general body will officially vote on whether or not to approve the recommendation from the Finance Committee. If your allocation is approved, you will be required to submit copies of receipts for expenditures covered up to the allocation amount before disbursement of funds to your organization’s accounts.

Questions? Contact the Finance Chair at