Carnegie Mellon University

Senate Week

Senate Week is a time for students to connect with their Student Senate. Throughout the week, members of Senate will be hanging out on Zoom, open for anyone to pop in and chat as a group.

  • Learn more about what Senate has been up to!
  • Share what you think Senate should be working on!
  • Find out how to get involved in Student Government!

Senate will also reimburse attendees for one meal worth up to $20 from anywhere, including ordering takeout!

Check out the schedule below for session times. All sessions will be held at this meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID: 998 3270 8716
Password: senate

Questions about Senate Week can be directed to Liam O'Connell (

Check out the schedule on Google Calendar here.

We will be holding sessions throughout the week at various times to accommodate all students' schedules. The sessions will be held via Zoom (details below). There are no sessions on Thursday, as we will be having our weekly general body meeting which is always open to the public.

All times are listed in EST.

Tuesday, Dec. 1
1:00pm - 3:00pm

Wednesday, Dec. 2
4:30pm - 6:30pm

Thursday, Dec. 3
5:20pm - 6:50pm (General Body Meeting)

Meeting ID: 990 1444 6557
Passcode: 874630

Friday, Dec. 4
12:30pm - 2:30pm
5:00pm - 7:00pm

These senators are planning to be attending sessions at the times listed. This is not a complete list, but can help if you want to talk to someone from a specific college or committee.
College Class Committee Tues. Wed. Fri.
Liam O'Connell BXA '22 Senate Chair 5-5:30p 12:30-1:30p, 5-5:30p
Zeke Maroclo MCS '21 Senate Vice Chair 4:30-6:30p 5-7p
David Cohen CIT '22 Internal Development Chair 4:30-5:30p 1-2p
Emily DuBois DEH '23 Advocacy Chair 1-3p 1-2p
James Gallicchio SCS '23 Communications Chair 4:30-5p
Shriya Boppana TEP '22 Advocacy 12:30-1p, 2-2:30p, 5-7p

Leela Jay

DEH '23 Academic Affairs 5-7p
Yoori Kim TEP '24 Communications 5:30-6:30p
Victoria Liu MCS '23 Campus Life 1-2p
Zofia Majewski BXA '22 Academic Affairs 1-3p
Prithu Pareek CIT '23 Business Affairs 1:30-2:30p
Erin Park DEH '23 Campus Life
Fernanda Wenzel CIT '22 Academic Affairs 1-2p
Jeanie Xu CIT '23 Advocacy 12:30-1p, 1:30-2p