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The GSA supports several programs that provide funding to support graduate student organizations and graduate student professional development. 

How to Request

In order to request funding, an organization must submit it's budget to the Finance Committee at least two weeks before the committee's next meeting, fill out the application (go the the bridge, login, click campus links on the top right of the page, click funding common application), and then attend that meeting.  The Finance Committee will give its recommendation to the organization and the GSA, the Friday before the GSA Representatives meeting.

Any group or representative wishing to appeal the committee's recommendation must do so in the next two days, on Monday before 5 pm.  The VP of Finance will then communicate any appeals to the both the GSA Representatives and any organizations involved at least 24 hours prior to the GSA Reps meeting and the appeal will be voted on at the GSA meeting.

If there is no appeal, then the funding is processed at the Finance Committee's recommendation.  If there is an appeal, then the funding is processed at the level passed by representatives.

Summary of Metrics

In order to determine the amount given to a group through Special Allocations, the following three standards are used:

  • Audience - Special Allocations are to be given for groups or events that have large graduate student audience.
  • Additional Funding - Additional funding should be sought for any purpose that Special Allocation funding is requested for.  In particular, Special Allocations are not a supplement for a JFC budget.
  • Previous Special Allocation Funding - Special Allocation funding is not intended to be a consistent source of funding, so preference will be given to new events.

The details of all of these policies and Finance Committee meeting times can be found on the Finance Committee page. Contact the GSA VP of Finace to schedule an appointment and to get more information by e-mail.

GSA has put together a program to support grad students as they go through the dissertation writing process. Dissertation writing groups can be a huge help in the process, providing an opportunity for feedback, motivation, and advice. To that end, we have compiled a starter kit to help grad students create a successful dissertation writing group. Seed money is also available to help groups purchase supplies for writing, or even coffee during group meetings. Details on the grants are listed below.

Starter Kit

Click to download a copy of a starter kit for dissertation writing groups, courtesy of the Hume Writing Center at Stanford University. This kit contains advice on starting a successful group, as well as worksheets that will help you stay on track in your writing.


GSA has created a fund to supply small grants for writing groups to help cover the cost of food or snacks and group meetings or the cost of writing supplies such as paper and printing. Details on the grants are as follows:

  • Grants are in the amount of $100 per six-month term (Session A: July 1 – December 31; Session B: January 1 – June 1). Groups are encouraged to reapply for additional grants in following sessions.
  • Grants are awarded on a rolling basis each semester.
  • Dissertation groups should be between 3-5 people. At least 50% of the members must be CMU graduate students.
  • Grant money can be used for items such as writing supplies or food and drinks at meetings.
  • We cannot fund alcoholic drinks.
  • Receipts should be submitted to the GSA office (UC304) for reimbursement within 90 days. (Original itemized receipts AND credit card receipts are required.)
  • At the end of your term, you are required to fill out a short response form, including what the money was used for, and what did and didn't work for your group. Information from the response form will be used to help future groups be successful.
If you are interested in applying for a GSA Dissertation Writing Group Grant, please fill out the application form [link]. For questions about the grant program, contact the GSA Administrative Coordinator at:

The GSA in coordination with the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education sponsors grants for conference and research funding. Applications are open several times throughout the year. Conference funding is determined through a lottery. Research funding applications are reviewed by a committee of facutly and graduate students. All winners are required to present their work at the Innovation with Impact Research Exhibition.

For full details click the links below: