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On Campus Advocacy Efforts

Check out some of the information below on previous efforts from the GSA, our current projects, and resources for you to advocate in your own department. Have something you want us to work on? Share your story with the GSA executive board.

Every year, the GSA collects data on stipends, fees the department pays for, and if the department covers health insurance. Check out the GSA Stipend Report to advocate for more comprehensive financial support.
Do you meet with the head of your grad program once a semester to give feedback? Are graduate students in your department present during faculty meetings, graduate student acceptance committees and/or faculty hiring committees? Check out the GSA Voices Report to see where graduates from other departments have representation!
If you don’t meet with the head of your grad program, check out the GSA Voices Report above. Are there anonymous surveys to gather graduate student feedback in your department? Is there an ombudsperson? Is there an anonymous feedback system that people can use at any time? Do you thoughtfully fill out the Faculty Course Evaluations at the end of the semester? Here’s why you might want to collect some data!