Carnegie Mellon University

Note: The information displayed below is for 2016-2017 year. This page for 2017-2018 will be revealed soon.


The Student Body President will focus on three new initiatives in the 2016-2017 academic year in order to incite active engagement of the student population with the Student Government, Carnegie Mellon University, the Pittsburgh community, and the world at large. Also included in this page are the individual projects of the Student Body President's Cabinet.


Compassion lies at the center of the goals and motivations for the 2016-2017 President’s Cabinet. It’s in the spirit of kindness to yourself and your community that we hope to provide services for moments of crisis, create outlets to engage in student health and wellness, and develop new ways to further integrate our community. Another priority of this Cabinet is responsibility, which takes form in ensuring fiscal and governmental transparency as well as demystifying university budget and tuition allocation.


A Model for Social Change

The President’s Initiative centers on motivating student clubs and organizations to direct their work towards positive social change on campus. This will be jumpstarted with the Conference on Social Change in the beginning of the year, which will focus on student empowerment towards community development and change. To promote the actualization of creative impact, the club or organization with the most innovative social initiative on campus (be it on food insecurity, SARV, etc.) will be awarded an additional $2000 on their budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Fiscal Transparency

In view of rising tuition costs, the Student Government will work towards increasing understanding in the budgetary process of the University, as well as investigate how funding for services is allocated on campus. Presentations of the financial information of Carnegie Mellon in layman’s terms will enable all students to discuss their investment in their education with greater depth.

Student Government Transparency

The Student Government will be publishing a weekly column in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper, on its plans and actions throughout the term. It will also work to improve the transparency in its own funding usage to further promote student understanding in its work, as well as increase accountability in the Government.

Social Action and Advocacy

Eric Zhu: Mental Health
  • Fostering better awareness of the Crisis Text Line, a texting hotline, through distributing informational materials in discreet but accessible places in the hopes of saving the lives of students who feel like they have nowhere else to go.
  • Planning and coordination of an on campus mental health summit
  • Creation of a calendar relevant student organizations can access to better coordinate their initiatives for a healthier campus
  • Reviewing campus policies and their effect on student mental health
Srishti Jain: Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention
  • Bringing the Take Back the Night event to Carnegie Mellon to spread awareness of sexual on campus and support sexual assault and/or relationship violence survivors
  • Hold a Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention (SARVP) Awareness Week from October 3rd until the 7th to help integrate SARVP mindfulness into everyday life at CMU.
Adwoa Bonsu: Director of Advocacy
  • Leading our President’s Initiative efforts in coordinating action within and between participating student organizations as they develop their chosen social initiative
  • Strengthening Carnegie Mellon’s relationship with its respective minority alumni associations so that all its students, present or past, can always feel supported by this institution

Community Integration

Mark Vella
  • Finalizing a Carnegie Mellon University app for smartphones for general use of students to be able to receive daily information they might need all in one place
  • Instituting single transferable voting for Student Government so elections can better reflect student body preference (with Ryan LaPre)
  • General maintenance and upgrades on student web services, as well as a restructuring of The Bridge API for more comprehensive data return to organizations
Olivia Cannizzaro
  • Student pride initiatives and donor incentives, focusing on achieving a 30% senior donation rate, so our school community can continue to thrive
Ryan LaPre
  • Revising key policies for Student Elections (see STV above) and Postering on campus to better reflect students wishes and needs
  • Reorganizing laws of Student Government for greater comprehension within government and for the general student body


Michael Rosenberg
  • Building a public reporting system for the budgets of Student Government Organizations (SGOs) for greater fiscal transparency
  • Constructing regulation on SGO discretionary funds to ensure future responsible allocation
Aaron Gutierrez
  • Working to better communicate how university finances work so that students can understand where their money goes
  • Focusing on translating an overview of the university budget, our endowment, and how tuition is set and spent