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Student Academic Success Center

Office of the Vice Provost for Education

Study Partners

Support for students to create and benefit from their own study groups

Student Academic Success Center staff are available to instructors and students to assist with the formation of peer-led study groups. This level of support is open to any course where the instructor requests or agrees that such support is appropriate and students are interested in both leading and participating.

These resources will guide you through the steps to form your own peer study group.

• Determine the type of study group

There are two types of study groups: Goal Oriented and Semester Long [doc]

  • The purpose of Goal Oriented Study Groups are to focus on a singular mission.
  • The purpose of a Semester Long Study Group is to focus on solidifying one’s understanding of the material within a course.

• Set up a Meeting

The first step to scheduling a meeting whether it is virtual or in person is to find a time that works for everyone. This guide on How to Schedule a Meeting [doc] will give you ideas, links and instructions on setting up your study group meetings.

• Make an Agreement

To have a productive, routine and welcoming study group it is important to communicate with your group members from the very beginning. To aid this process, we have formulated an initial Study Partners Agreement Form [doc] to help lay the relationship with your group members.

• Attend a Workshop

The Student Academic Success Center will be hosting workshops throughout the semester to assist you in getting started with creating and maintaining successful and productive study groups. Please check out the calendar of events to register for upcoming Study Group workshops to learn best practices for shared learning through positive group dynamics, cooperation, and collaborative work.

Need assistance connecting to other students in your course who are interested in forming a study group? Complete the Study Partners Program Interest Form.

This form is designed to assist you in the formation of a study group for your course. Your contact information will be shared with other students from your course who are interested in creating a study group.