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I find it difficult to get to class on time.

Step 2: Identify possible reasons for the problem you have selected.

To find the most effective strategies, select the reason that best describes your situation, keeping in mind there may be multiple relevant reasons.

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re always running late? Even if you get up 15 minutes earlier than usual, you still end up being 5 minutes late to class. Maybe it’s just bad luck (why do I never get the crosswalk?) or perhaps an important meeting or phone call runs longer than expected. You may think that nothing important happens in the beginning of lecture, yet that is usually not the case. Listed below are some helpful ways to kick the habit and get to class on time – or maybe even early!

The beginning of lecture does not seem important, or it seems like there is no consequence to being late to class.

No matter how early I get up, I always feel rushed in the morning.

Something urgent and important comes up in my schedule that makes me late.

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