Liz Neeley-Public Communication for Researchers - Carnegie Mellon University

Liz Neeley

Executive Director, The Story Collider


Liz Neeley is the Executive Director of The Story Collider, which is dedicated to producing true, personal stories about science. She is a member of the Advisory Board to the CommsLab at MIT and has spent the past decade, helping scientists tell more compelling stories about their work. She was previously the Assistant Director of Science Outreach for COMPASS, where she led media and social media trainings for researchers around the country. Before COMPASS, she worked in Fiji and Papua New Guinea, helping local scientists share their knowledge of coral reefs and conservation. She also worked in international science policy around the trade of deep-sea corals and a related high-fashion campaign with Tiffany & Co. Her thinking is influenced by data-driven communication design, social network analysis, and her graduate research at Boston University on the evolution of vision and color patterns in tropical reef fishes.


Liz led our storytelling seminar this semester.