Carnegie Mellon University

Fusion Forum: Creating Partnerships for Graduate Education

Fusion Forum seeks to introduce Carnegie Mellon University to faculty and advisors across the nation working with underrepresented students who might be a good fit for our graduate programs and to also introduce prospective graduate students from those institutions to opportunities at Carnegie Mellon. Faculty and advisors from other institutions are invited to participate in Fusion Forum and to nominate their students to come with them to Carnegie Mellon for a two-day visitation program. All expenses related to the program including travel and lodging are covered by Carnegie Mellon University.

Our goals for Fusion Forum are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for faculty and academic advisors who advise underrepresented students to visit Carnegie Mellon so that they can recommend our graduate programs to their students.
  • Foster connections between faculty and advisors and Carnegie Mellon faculty for future collaborations both in research and academics and with their students.
  • Engage faculty and their students in exploring Carnegie Mellons unique interdisciplinary approach to research and graduate programs.

Fusion Forum provides an opportunity for faculty and students to:

  • Learn about graduate academic programs through faculty meetings and department visits
  • Explore the graduate student experience from the faculty and graduate student vantage point
  • Receive general information about Carnegie Mellon and graduate student resources
  • Learn about applying to graduate programs and funding resources at Carnegie Mellon
  • Tour the city of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon campus