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Carnegie Mellon University has more than 80 diversity-related student organizations. These organizations serve to engage students in a wide variety of activities, provide students with a link to their own culture and expose the campus community to other cultures.

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For a comprehensive listing of all CMU clubs and organizations, visit The Bridge. To start your own recognized student organization, submit an application via the Student Government site.



Korean Graduate Student Association

The Korean Graduate Student Association promotes academic collaboration and social interactions among the Korean graduate students at CMU.


The Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS) was founded to enable interested students to pursue activities and service projects that support minority students who are pursuing degrees in medicine, dentistry and other pre-health professions.


The National Organization of Minority Architects Students (NOMAS) is focused on fostering communication, architectural professional development, and fellowship among students while celebrating the benefits of a diverse profession. The NOMAS student body includes those who identify as minority based on race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, or wealth, or who share the chapter’s goals.   

NSBE Student Chapter

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is dedicated to the academic and professional success of African-American engineering students and professionals.


Founded in 2010, the CMU chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment.

SHPE Student Chapter

The mission of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is to promote the development of Hispanics in engineering, science and other technical professions to achieve educational and professional excellence.

SWE Student Chapter

The Society of Women Engineers' (SWE) mission is to promote the image and success of women in engineering both internal and external to SWE, by providing resources for personal and professional development and a community that advocates diversity and awareness.


TAMID is pioneering the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs by aligning the personal and professional aspirations of American students with a collective interest in Israel's technology and startup sector.

Women @ SCS

Women@SCS' mission is to create, encourage and support women's academic, social and professional opportunities in the computer sciences and to promote the breadth of the field and its diverse community.


Argentine Tango Club (CMU TANGO)

The goal is to provide a forum for members of CMU who are interested in Tango to practice their art and to share their interest with the rest of the CMU community.

Bhangra in the Burgh

Bhangra in the Burgh brings together the top Bhangra teams from across the nation to compete on one stage in a night of music, dance and South Asian culture.

Big Straw Magazine

Big Straw is an Asian American interest magazine. We strive to empower Asians and Asian Americans, provide an outlet for creative expression, and to be a place for the meaningful exchange of ideas about Asian-American culture and identity.

CATS Dance

Carnegie Alliance of Traditional and Social Dance (CATS Dance) embraces a wide array of traditional, folk and social dances — including contra dance and French social dance. 

CMU Bhangra

CMU Bhangra is a dance team that performs the Indian folk dance, Bhangra, at various competitions and events throughout North America.

CMU International Film Festival

The Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival aims to showcase the artistry of international filmmakers and bring them to the CMU campus to interact and enrich the CMU community.

CMU Jiya

Jiya is an all-girls Bollywood fusion competitive dance troupe that encompasses various styles, such as classical, hip hop and contemporary. Our goal is to perform entertaining and exciting pieces, while spreading knowledge about Indian culture.

CMU Raasta

CMU Raasta is a dance team committed to promoting Indian culture across campus. Through the West Indian folk dance garba-raas, we aim to spread awareness of our traditions.

CMU Sahara

The objective of CMU Sahara is to bring together and provide an opportunity for dancers across CMU to showcase their talent and discover a sense of community through collaborative team effort via the collective passion for Bollywood dance.

CMU Sport Taekwondo Club

The Carnegie Mellon Sport Taekwondo Club strives to provide a safe and fun environment for those that are interested in martial arts.

Deewane A Cappella

We are the premier all-male South Asian a cappella group of Pittsburgh. Performing a fusion of Western and South Asian styles of music, we're a ragtag team of highly sophisticated gentlemen looking to make their mark in the South Asian A Cappella world.

International Freestylers

The purpose of iFS is to allow students of the Carnegie Mellon University community to share their interest and knowledge of dance, particularly dances pertaining to, but not limited to, those within the international hip-hop culture.

Japanese Cooking Club

Founded in 2010, we are a cultural club at Carnegie Mellon University dedicated to cooking and enjoying Japanese cuisine.

K-Pop Dance Club

CMU's K-Pop Dance Club Open 2ne1 (open to anyone) Come join us in the universally well-known art of Korean Popular Culture Dance.

Lunar Gala

Lunar Gala is an organization that aims to push the boundaries of entertainment and visual exploration: creating a fashion show that is conceptually driven and cross disciplinary.

Origami Club

We fold for fun! We meet regularly to fold and explore different aspects of origami, from the artistic to the mathematical.

Saans A Cappella

Our group exists to promote the fusion of cultures through a cappella music. We create, learn and perform arrangements of a combination of South Asian and Western music.

Shaolin Kung Fu Club

The CMU Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Club teaches and practices real traditional Chinese Kung Fu. We practice traditional forms as well as real-life combat techniques and martial applications.


Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPICMACAY) at CMU promotes the rich Indian classical music and culture among the CMU community through various student events, professional music concerts and dance recitals.

Toyz Nation Gaming League

TNGL is an esports interscholastic gaming league whose goal is to foster diversity in the tech and creative industry through the medium of gaming.

Vermillion Anime Club

Founded in 2000, our purpose is to promote the appreciation of Japanese animation.

Yang Jia Taijiquan

The Yang Jia Taijiquan Club provides instruction in the traditional long form of Yang family style of Taichi. Club members learn the cultural history of this martial art and of China in general.



ALLIES is an organization for those of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We discuss issues, raise awareness and embrace individuality.

(SoHo is the main club room/office of ALLIES, located in the Cohon Center on the third floor, room 335).


Our organization provides social and professional opportunities for graduate Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans+, Queer & Questioning students at Carnegie Mellon.

(SoHo is the main club room/office of ALLIES, located in the Cohon Center on the third floor, room 335).


The mission of Feminists Engaged in Multicultural Matters and Education (FEMME) is to empower women in both the CMU and Pittsburgh community and to bring greater awareness to feminism and women's issues in a modern context.


The objective of MOSAIC is to offer provocative sessions aimed at exploring gender construction, commonalities between and among genders, and fostering intentional dialogue around unconventional gender-based topics.

Out & Allied

Out & Allied aims to provide a supportive environment to enhance the social, academic and career experiences of current and prospective LGBT students, allies and partners at the Tepper School.


By building communities of women committed to supporting positive social change, Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG) works to create cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls.

International/Multicultural Advancement


The Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture (ARCC) goal is to increase awareness of Chinese culture on the CMU campus by sponsoring open events such as the Mid Autumn Festival, Night Market and Chinese New Year.


The Asian Students Association (ASA) serves as the largest Asian culture affinity group at Carnegie Mellon. We welcome students of all races and nationalities, as we aim to spread awareness of Asian culture for the benefit of the student community.


The Arab Student Organization (ASO) is a non-political student organization whose objective is to create an awareness of the different Arab cultures through the sponsoring of Arab social and cultural activities.


The Black Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) nurtures graduate students of color, builds relationships between students across CMU and Pittsburgh and enriches the community through service opportunities.


Founded in 2000, the Malaysian Student Organization (Budaya) promotes Malaysian culture and heritage to the general community of Carnegie Mellon University.


The Cultural Italian Association of CMU (CIAO) provides a fun environment for learning/engaging in the Italian culture, not the language! Join us for socials, dinner nights, bocce ball, soccer tournaments and many other great events.

Colombia en Pittsburgh

Colombia en Pittsburgh was founded in the fall of 2002 by graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, and by some local residents as a university-community-based organization.

Colors @ CMU

Colors@CMU aims to increase conversation about racial issues that members of the Carnegie Mellon University community can combat and to create a safe environment in which people of different backgrounds can come together and understand one another.


The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is dedicated to providing a family-like environment for undergraduate students from mainland China, helping new-to-CMU students in transition and promoting and preserving Chinese heritage.


As one of the largest organizations in CMU, the Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) seeks to help Chinese students start their lives in Pittsburgh, build a better community for Chinese students and scholars and contribute as a multicultural student organization at CMU.


The Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) at Carnegie Mellon University is an organization for all those who are interested in Hong Kong and its traditions. HKSA is devoted to fostering a stronger Asian community and bring Hong Kong awareness to campus.

Indian Graduate Student Association

Founded in 2003, the Indian Graduate Student Association serves as a uniting forum for students, initiated by graduate Indian students on campus.

Indonesian Students at CMU

This group serves as gateway for all Indonesian students at CMU to communicate and collaborate. Furthermore, we also endorse any kind of activities that promote Indonesian culture.

Japanese Student Association

The Japanese Student Association (JSA) is an organization dedicated to spreading awareness of traditional and modern Japanese culture throughout Carnegie Mellon and the Pittsburgh community.

Korean American Students' Association

The purpose of the Korean American Students' Association is to provide a social community for Korean-Americans and provide a cultural experience for those interested in Korean-American culture.

Korean Student Association

The Korean Student Association (KSA) serves to educate the CMU community on Korean & Korean-American culture and provide a medium for social interaction in the Korean community.


Founded in 2010, the Latino/a Graduate Student Association (LGSA) works to facilitate communication among the Latino community at CMU in order to foster academic, cultural, professional and social collaboration.

Mayur - South Asian Student Association

Mayur - South Asian Student Association strives to promote social, cultural and philanthropic ideals throughout the South Asian general body.

Multicultural Presidents Council

Presidents of multicultural student organizations meet monthly to expand dialogue between multi­cultural organizations, organize collaborative initiatives, learn about resources, and discuss needs and interests.


The Persian Student Organization (PSO), now the Iranian Student Association, is a non-political student organization whose objective is to sponsor Persian social and cultural activities and events, to promote an understanding of Persian culture and to help foster friendship among different cultural groups at Carnegie Mellon University.


The Romanian Student Association (RSA) has the goals of organizing social, cultural and educational activities; welcoming newly arrived CMU Romanian students and providing settling assistance; and disseminating information about Romanian culture.


The Spanish and Latin Student Association (SALSA) strives to increase campus awareness of issues specific to Latino and Hispanic-American students as well as international students from Spanish-speaking countries.

Singapore Students' Association

The Singapore Students' Association at Carnegie Mellon University is a student organization dedicated to fostering an understanding of Singapore culture among the CMU community, as well as promoting interaction amongst its members.


SPIRIT's mission is to promote a sense of fellowship within the Carnegie Mellon community by acting as a liaison between its members and the university via the presentation of cultural programs and the championing of black awareness.

Taiwanese Students Association

Carnegie Mellon's super awesome social, cultural and service-oriented student organization full of super sweet and epic people.

Turkish Student Society

Turkish Student Society is the meeting point of all students interested in the cultural heritage of Turkey and learning about it to enrich the CMU society.

Multicultural Sororities/Fraternities

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

As Alpha Kappa Alpha women, we strive for growth in the community, on our campus and in ourselves through community service, public outreach and public events. Alpha Sigma Chapter, chartered in 1959, has continued this legacy for more than 50 years.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc.

Our mission is to provide sisterhood among women, scholarship, leadership and Asian awareness in the university and community. Further, to provide a support group for those in their times of need and to encourage the making of successful women.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

The Alpha Kappa chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at Carnegie Mellon University. We are a Jewish fraternity devoted to the ideals of perserverence, honesty, faith, mutual helpfulness, and humility.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African American men, was founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, by seven college men who recognized the need for a strong bond of brotherhood among African descendants in this country.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated is an organization of college-educated women committed to constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black community.

Lambda Phi Epsilon

Alpha Mu Chapter at Carnegie Mellon University was established March 24, 2002 as an Asian interest, but not Asian exclusive, fraternity. Our fraternity motto is: "To be leaders among men."

Multicultural Greek Council

The Multicultural Greek Council exists to develop and maintain fraternity life and interfraternal relations between the culturally based fraternities and sororities on campus and the greater Carnegie Mellon Greek community.

Omega Phi Beta

Omega Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated is a Latina-oriented, non-exclusive and diverse group of women working toward supporting minority communities by raising awareness of cultural and social issues.

Spiritual/Meaning Making


The Asian Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a tight-knit, small-group based fellowship that spans Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh. Whether you're Asian, Christian, neither or both, we invite you to come seek God and to reflect on your life.

Chabad of CMU

Your connection to the Jewish pulse of Carnegie Mellon University. Here you can find Shabbat dinners, on-campus kosher meals with friends, a strong sense of community and all kinds of opportunities to explore your Jewish faith.

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra

We are the young adult branch of Chinmaya Mission that studies Hindu religion and culture. We hold discussions and campus-wide events through which we learn about Vedanta — the Hindu philosophy of Oneness — and discuss its practical application.

Hillel Jewish University Center

Hillel JSA is a CMU student organization that serves the Jewish community of Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburgh region by providing for the advancement of Jewish life on campus.


The Jewish Graduate Student Association (JGSA) works to meet the needs of Jewish graduate students as well as other graduate students interested in the Jewish culture and/or religion.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association works to address the religious, cultural and social needs of Muslim students of Carnegie Mellon University, and to build awareness and familiarity with Islam, Islamic cultures and Muslims through positive interactions with the CMU community.

OM - An Organization for Indian Spirituality & Culture

OM is an organization for the education and promotion of Indian spirituality and culture. Students, faculty and all other members of the Carnegie Mellon community are welcome to join. OM provides a spiritual avenue to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and persons of other religious faiths.