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Student Conduct Records Retention and Reporting

Records of student conduct proceedings are confidential and are not released without the consent of the current/former student or as otherwise required or authorized by law or court order. With the exceptions as noted below, records of student conduct proceedings are retained for either the period of time required under the federal Clery Act (which in most cases is six to seven years after the date the incident was reported to the university), or three years after final separation of the student from the university, whichever is longer, and then are subsequently destroyed. For purposes of determining final separation from the university, a student must be separated for three continuous years. If a student reenrolls in any student program within three years, the calculation of the final separation date will reset.

For purposes of student conduct record checks, information from these records is only provided, with appropriate authorization as necessary, for three years after final separation from the university (as defined above) provided the student has fulfilled all obligations to the university. If a student has not fulfilled all obligations, the file may be maintained indefinitely and reported longer than three years after the student separates from the university. Records of student conduct proceedings resulting in the permanent separation of a student from the university (e.g., expulsion) will be maintained and reported indefinitely.

Case-specific questions regarding timeframes for student conduct records retention and reporting can be directed to the Office of Community Standards & Integrity.

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