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Initiating the Student Conduct Process

In order to initiate the student conduct process, the Office of Community Standards & Integrity must receive a complaint or report that substantiates the facts and circumstances associated with any alleged violation(s) of community standards by a Carnegie Mellon student. The initial information for the complaint or report may be provided by a student, faculty, staff member, or non-affiliate to:

The Office of Community Standards & Integrity has the authority to review and adjudicate all violations of university standards, policies and regulations that involve students. The university student conduct process may not be used for the adjudication of cases involving the relationships between two parties except in cases involving alleged violations of community standards that make the university a party to them.

Student organizations, as members of the academic community, are expected to uphold university policies and community standards. Alleged violations of community standards associated with student organization activities may be reviewed through the student conduct process. Individual students may be held accountable through the student conduct process separate from any sanctions imposed on an organization found responsible for violating community standards.

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