Carnegie Mellon University

Community Standards, Policies, and Procedures

Carnegie Mellon is a community of diverse members committed to maintaining an environment that encourages personal and intellectual growth that promote our traditions of innovation, leadership, responsibility to society, learning, dedication, commitment to quality and commitment to each other. We are a community with high standards and high expectations for those who choose to become members, including established community standards intended to foster behavior that is consistent with a civil and educational setting.

It is the responsibility of each community member to become familiar with the standards and expectations of the Carnegie Mellon community. In general, each member should

  • Respect the rights of others
  • Respect the property of individuals, groups and Carnegie Mellon
  • Know, understand and abide by all Carnegie Mellon community standards, policies and regulations, as well as all local, state and federal laws.
  • Engage in behavior that does not interfere with individual, group or Carnegie Mellon regular activities and/or operation
  • Ensure that guests behave in a manner consistent with and in accordance with the expectations of our community

At the core, the standards, policies and regulations of the Carnegie Mellon community are designed with one or more of the following four purposes: to promote and protect the rights of members of, or visitors to, the community; to promote and protect the health and safety of members of, or visitors to, the community; to promote and protect the academic integrity of the community; and to promote the respect of and protect the property of the community members and University.

Specific procedures for how the university receives and responds to student allegations through the Community Standards process can be found here.