Carnegie Mellon University

Mandates Protocol

Carnegie Mellon is committed to actively responding to circumstances that seriously affect the health or well-being of any student, or where physical safety is seriously threatened.  In keeping with this commitment, the dean of students or the associate dean of student affairs responsible for community standards may determine the need to issue a mandate that:

(1) requires a student to engage in an appropriate care plan as a condition of maintaining (or resuming)
      her/his status as an enrolled student;and/or:
(2) requires a student to absent herself/himself from campus until an appropriate care plan has been
      satisfactorily engaged or completed.

The decision to issue a mandate will be predicated on an assessment of the student’s behaviors.  The primary considerations in making this assessment will be the severity of the safety risk presented by the student, the impact of the student’s behaviors on the university community and the broader community, and the student’s willingness or unwillingness to voluntarily engage in a level of care that is clinically indicated.  Should a mandate be deemed appropriate, the university will identify the student affairs staff member(s) who will support and assist the student in meeting specific requirements and associated timelines for completion, which will be outlined in writing by the dean or associate dean.  If necessary, the student may be placed on an administrative leave of absence while completing these requirements.