Carnegie Mellon University

Transfer Credit Evaluation and Assignment Policy

This policy should be reviewed in its entirety on-line:

The following is a summary of the policy.

Carnegie Mellon University offers students the opportunity to take courses for credit through a cross-registration program and through the receipt of transfer credit from other accredited institutions. The Carnegie Mellon transcript will include information on such courses as follows:

Carnegie Mellon courses and courses taken through the university’s cross-registration program will have grades recorded on the transcript and be factored into the QPA. All other courses will be recorded on this transcript indicating where the course was taken, but without a grade. Such courses will not be taken into account for academic actions, honors or QPA calculations. (Note: Suspended students may take courses elsewhere; however, they may receive transfer credit only if their college’s and department’s policies allow this.)


  • A Carnegie Mellon course is one conducted under Carnegie Mellon regulations regarding course content and grading and taught by faculty under the supervision of a Carnegie Mellon academic unit. Courses taught by Carnegie Mellon faculty on the Carnegie Mellon campus qualify. Courses that are part of the regular offerings of other universities do not qualify, unless faculty at the other universities receive appointments at Carnegie Mellon and handle Carnegie Mellon students under Carnegie Mellon academic regulations.
  • Courses offered for cross-registration are those taken under the PCHE (Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education) agreement during the regular academic year.
Approved by the Committee on Educational Programs and Student and Faculty Affairs, as amended January 19, 1993.