Carnegie Mellon University

Students’ Rights

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The primary right of students is to pursue their education so long as they maintain their eligibility to remain a member of the community by meeting its academic standards and so long as they observe the regulations imposed by the university for the governance of the academic community.

The second right of students is to be recognized as members of the student body, with all the privileges pursuant thereto as to use of physical plant, university services and facilities.

Every student has the constitutional rights and responsibilities of any citizen under the law. Conversely, a responsibility of any student is to respect these rights of any other member of the university community.

A student has the right to expect that academic and professional processes be flexible and periodically open to review and to participate constructively with faculty and administration in those processes by which the university community maintains the excellence of the standards of its curriculum and methods of instruction and the viability of its total educational program.

The student has the right to recourse through the procedures outlined in this handbook against unreasonable academic action.