Carnegie Mellon University

Policy on University Examinations (Undergraduate Courses)

This policy should be reviewed in its entirety on-line:

Information regarding final exams for graduate courses can be found here.

The Faculty Senate adopted policies on the administration of examinations for the undergraduate courses (defined as courses that are numbered 6xx or below). These policies represent an understanding between faculty and student concerning an important but often stressful period, especially at the conclusion of each academic semester and at mid-semester.  The student should anticipate the demands of the exam schedule, plan accordingly and early, and be prepared. The faculty should recognize that the student is encumbered with many tightly orchestrated and intensive obligations during this period over which he or she has no control: expectations should be reasonably consistent with the number of course units and, of course, should be made known to the student well in advance of the final examination period, preferably as part of the course syllabus.

In order to help students plan their time and study optimally for examinations, the policy details definitions and information regarding final and in-term examinations. Instructors are requested to provide notification of the major in-term examinations in the course syllabus. The final examination date is posted early in the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to give his or her instructor sufficient notice and to work with the instructor to re-schedule examinations if this is needed.


Questions concerning this policy or its intent should be directed to the Vice Provost for Education at 412-268-5865.