Carnegie Mellon University

Temporary Closing of the University

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The following is a summary of the policy.

Carnegie Mellon University has an important commitment to students, parents, faculty, staff and the community. Accordingly, the university will make every attempt to operate normally during severe weather or other emergencies. This includes holding classes, conducting research programs, and operating facilities and services. The university will attempt to operate normally unless such operation represents a clear danger to students, staff or faculty.

There may be occasions when the university community is served best by suspending normal operations. In that event, only the president (or the president's designated representative) has the authority to close the university and to specify those persons or group of persons who are free to leave or refrain from coming to campus.

While Carnegie Mellon may cancel classes or close offices due to a campus emergency or severe weather, the university cannot entirely close operations because it provides residential space and services for thousands of students on campus. Essential employees, including those from the departments of Facilities Management Services, University Police, Computing Services and Campus Services, may be asked to report for work.

As soon as it has been determined that the university must be closed, announcements of closings will be posted on the Carnegie Mellon electronic b-board official.cmu-news.