Carnegie Mellon University

Quiet Spaces

It is important for individuals to have space and time for quiet reflection, mediation, and stillness. There are a few spaces on campus where individuals and groups can gather for quiet rest and renewal: Wright-Rogal Chapel, Cohon Center Prayer Room, and The Mindfulness Room. 

Wright-Rogal Chapel is a prayer space on the first floor of the Cohon University Center. It features an auditorium style set-up for 35 individuals. The Chapel is a reservable space for religious and spiritual events only. 

A multi-denominational prayer room is available 24 hours a day in the lower level of the Cohen University Center. The space features an ablution room with two private foot washing stalls. 

Located on the ground floor of West Wing, The Mindfulness Room is available to all Carnegie Mellon community members during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Some of the relaxation features of this room include: plants, yoga mats, meditation pillows, and comfy seating.

For more information, visit The Mindfulness Room Facebook Page.