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There are a variety of Student Organizations dedicated to the Religious & Spiritual development of students at Carnegie Mellon. Below you can browse student organizations by faith. If you don't see your group represented, or if you'd like to start a religious or spiritual student organization, please contact Jonny Cagwin (Coordinator of Religious Life). 

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Agape Christian Ministry- Agape Christian Ministry desires that students come to know the saving love of God, have relationship with God and one another, and learn how to follow Jesus Christ. 

Alpha Omega- Alpha Omega is a welcoming environment to discuss the bible and several aspects of Christiainity, to connect students that are seeking deep conviction and greater faith, and to meet needs both on and off campus. 

Asian Christian Fellowship- ACF is a tight-knit, small-group based fellowship that spans Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh. Whether you're Asian, Christian, neither, or both, they invite you to come seek God and reflect on your life. 

Catholic Newman Club- Founded in 1995, intending to bring Catholic students together for fellowship, prayer, and the sacraments. 

Central Church Student Fellowship- A community for students who are committed to or interested in learning more about the Christian faith on CMU's campus. Central Church of Pittsburgh Korean Ministry

Chinese Bible Study Fellowship- CBSF is devoted to sharing God's love and words to Chinese-speakers in CMU and a community where we love, help, and care for each other in order to practice Jesus's command and glorify His name. 

Christians on Campus- Christians on Campus is a campus group comprising of believers in Christ from various backgrounds. 

Cru- Cru is a caring community passion about connecting students to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Inter-Fellowship Association- The purpose of Inter-fellowship Association (IFA) is to unite Christians on campus by organizing campus-wide, inter-fellowship activities, interaction, and service, for the glory of God. 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship- InterVarsity is a community of people seeking to know and support each other in life's journey. As a Christian organization, we believe that God made us to find Him in community. 

InterVarsity Ingnite Black Christian MinistryIgnite is a space for students to come together and learn more about Jesus as a community! Our mission is to establish and advance Black christian community at CMU that work in growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people, and God's purposes in the world. All are welcome, no matter whether you're on fire for Jesus, seeking fellowship, or just curious, come on out!

Klesis Christian Fellowship- The purpose of Klesis Christian Fellowship is to promote dialogue about faith and religion in a respectful manner among the students of Carnegie Mellon. 

Lutheran Student Fellowship- LSF is a multi-university Christian fellowship associated with First Trinity Lutheran Church, a Missouri Synod (LCMS) church on Neville Street. 

PSALM (Pittsburgh Students Active in Lutheran Ministry)- Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), PSALM is committed to fostering a Christian community of acceptance, fellowship and service. 

Redeemed Campus Fellowship- Voluntary student organization of the CMU Pittsburgh campus partnering with the University of Pittsburgh with a vision to help intersted individuals grow and become more knowledgable about the Christian faith. 

Tartan Athlete Fellowship- A student group looking to explore the role athletics play in our Christian faith and how our Christian faith affects the way we compete, play and live. 

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra- We are the young adult branch of Chinmaya Mission that studies Hindu religion and culture. We hold weekly discussions and campus-wide events through which we learn about Vedanta-- the Hindu philosophy of Oneness-- and discuss its practical applications to our lives.

CMU Hindu Yuva - The mission of the CMU Hindu YUVA organization is to bring together both Hindu and non-Hindu students to raise awareness about what Hinduism is. As one of the largest and oldest religions in the world, we believe it is necessary that there be an organization on campus to represent the interests of the Hindu community present here. We hope to create a comfortable atmosphere where students can come and celebrate their culture. We hope to achieve these goals by having team-building games, yoga and meditation, lively debates, and exciting debates and presentations at our weekly meetings. All in all, we want to build a small Hindu community within Carnegie Mellon so that students can come and discover a home away from home.

Om- An organization for the education and promotin of Indian spirituality and culture. Om provides a spirituak avenue to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and persons of other religious faiths.
INSPIRE (Interfaith & Spirituality Embassy)- INSPIRE aims to create an environment of learning and growth between diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds, and to inspire discussions and actions that promote unity.

Chabad of CMU- Chabad of CMU is your connection to the Jewish pulse of Carnegie Mellon University. Chabad of CMU is a Jewish student organization that provides an exciting variety of social, educational, and cultural programming for students. 

Hillel Jewish Students Association- Hillel is CMU's central hub for pluralistic Jewish life. With many on-campus events, like monthly Shabbat dinners, Hillel is where you can make Jewish friends at social gatherings or at one-on-one meetups, where you can explore your Jewish identity, find your Jewish connection, or get involved in the leadership of CMU's Jewish campus community. 

Jewish Graduate Student Association (JGSA)- The purpose of JGSA is to foster a strong Jewish graduate community to serve the Jewish graduate students and those interested in Jewish culture and/or religion. 

Achayot Shel Carnegie Mellon - The purpose of Achayot Shel Carnegie Mellon is to create a community for all those in a conversation with Jewish womanhood at CMU, and to develop values of Jewish Identity, Leadership, Tikun Olam, Scholarship, and Self-Love. Through this, Achayot’s goal is to empower one another and to foster a supportive Jewish community.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)- The mission of MSA is to address the religious needs of Muslim students of Carnegie Mellon and to build awareness and familiarity with Islam, Islamic cultures, and Muslims

Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics (Aha!)- A group designed to allow freedm of expression for the non-faith community and those that believe one needn't have religion to be a good person.

Humanist League- The mission of Humanist League is to build an inclusive, values-based community dedicated to breaking down the ideological barriers to widespread human flourishing.