Carnegie Mellon University

Council of Religious Advisors (CoRA)

The Carnegie Mellon Council of Religious Advisors (CoRA) supports and encourages religious life within the campus community.

Members of the Council provide a variety of services, including counseling, educational programs, conferences, worship, discussion groups, social events, and religious instruction. Council members work from their own traditions while also collaborating on interfaith programs. 

The university acknowledges the staff members of those ministries who are commissioned by their particular faith group to work within the campus community at Carnegie Mellon. Each chaplaincy has its own mission, objective and schedules, which are available through the individual faith groups. 

Photo of Erin Angeli and Mike Holohan

Erin Angeli & Rev. Mike Holohan

Commonwealth of Oakland

Photo of Reverend Eric Andrae

Rev. Eric Andrae

First Trinity Lutheran Church


Photo of Alex Banfield Hicks and Leah Hornfeck

Alex Banfield-Hicks, Leah Hornfeck, & Chris Kirkland (not pictured)

Church of the Ascension

CUC Chapel Window

Vince Giordano, Daniel Godstrey, & Owen Pearl
(updated photo coming soon)

North Way Christian Community



Photo of Reverend Brian Bennett

Rev. Brian Bennett

Lutheran University Center


Photo of Christopher and Nahzy Buck

Christopher & Nahzy Buck

Bahá'í's of Pittsburgh


Photo of Sudheer Chivukula and Sudha Krishnasamy

Sudheer Chivukula & Sudha Krishnasamy

Sri Venkateswara (SV) Temple

Photo of Nameun Cho

Nameun Cho

City Reformed Presbyterian Church

Photo of Chuck Fox

Chuck Fox

First Baptist Church

Photo of the Catholic Newman Center

Fr. Reed Frey, Marcel Lu, Hannah Naylor, Lucia Boulos, & Adam Basinger
(updated photo coming soon)

The Catholic Newman Center/FOCUS

Photo of Hillel JUC

Alex Zissman, Zoe Hertz, & Jared Stein
(updated photo coming soon)

Hillel JUC

Photo of Kathy MacReady and Robin Capcara

Kathy MacReady & Robin Capcara

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Photo of Kristin Rackley

Kristin Tasker & Dan Davis (Not Pictured)


Photo of James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist

Pittsburgh Church of Christ/ Alpha Omega

Photo of Judy and Angell Shieh

Judy & Angell Shieh

Gracepoint Church / Klesis

Photo of Shlomo and Chani Silverman

Rabbi Shlomo & Chani Silverman

Chabad of CMU

Photo of Tricia Stewart

Tricia Stewart

Oakland Gospel Church

Photo of Pittsburgh Chinese Church

Terence Liu, Michael Liang, & Jesse McLaughlin
(Updated photo coming soon)

Pittsburgh Chinese Church Oakland/
Oakland International Fellowship

Ed & Allie Shin

Agape Life Church