Carnegie Mellon University

Car Rental

Step 1: Make a Travel Appointment

Authorized SIgners should submit Meet With a SLICE Staff Member form to request the travel appointment at least one full week prior to travel. Rentals can be reserved/purchased during an appointment in our office using a university Pcard

Step 2: Prep Needed

Call car vendor to confirm availability and come to the travel appointment with all information needed to make reservation (number of vehicles needed, travel/rental dates, etc).

Step 3: Complete Driver’s Form

At least 3 days prior to travel, anyone driving the rental car (at least one primary driver and one backup driver for each rental car) will need to fill out a Driver’s Information Form by coming into the SLICE Office. Please bring valid driver’s license. Once driver form is completed and submitted to SLICE, the driver is agreeing to the rules outlined in the Rental Car Policy.

Step 4: Before Picking Up Rental Car

Print CMU Car Insurance Policy  and rental car email confirmation – It is the drivers responsibility to visit CMU Controller’s Office website to read the terms and conditions of CMU insurance, and print the insurance card to keep inside the rental car during the entire rental. Students must also have the Hertz email confirmation with them at the time of vehicle pick up.

Step 5: Submit Receipts

Hertz car rentals do NOT require receipts to be submitted to the SLICE office, as Hertz invoices the student orgs and payments are made on a SLICE Pcard. Students should keep a copy of Hertz receipts for their organization files. All other vendor receipts are to be submitted to the SLICE Office within 2 business days of returning to campus after the trip. 

University Approved Local Rental Car Companies:

  • Rentals available to students age 18 and older
  • Nationwide rentals!
  • 12 passenger vans permitted – travel appointment should be at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure van availability
  • CMU has special pricing, payment and vehicle availability options that are only available to reservations made during a travel appointment; Please do not call Hertz prior to travel appointment
  • Hertz local pickup location:  5634 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA  Phone:  (412) 441-1902

  • Rentals available to students age 21 and older
  • 12 passenger vans permitted – travel appointment should be at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure van availability
  • You may call Enterprise prior to travel appointment to get pricing and availability or this may be done during your travel appointment
  • Enterprise local pickup location:  756 S. Millvale Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  Phone: (412) 212-7540