Carnegie Mellon University

Air Travel

Airfare purchases are paid for directly from your student organization financial account. Travel appointments must be made a least two weeks prior to travel, however, the SLICE Office recommends scheduling further out.

Step 1: Make a Travel Appointment

Authorized Signer must complete the Meet With A SLICE Staff Member form to schedule a travel appointment at least TWO weeks prior to travel. Airfare reservations can be made during the appointment using one of the preferred travel agencies.

Step 2: Call Travel Agency for Info

Prior to the travel appointment, please contact and work with the travel agent to determine which itinerary meets your organization’s needs and budget. Email the travel agency the selected itinerary, names, and birthdates of persons traveling, this information is required by the travel agency to book your airline tickets.

Step 3: Call Travel Agency for Price Confirmation (before travel appointment)

It is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure cost information is accurate on the date of the travel appointment. Pricing and availability of tickets changes daily, and the travel agency can only ‘hold’ a ticket for one business day. Please call the travel agency the morning of your travel appointment to confirm pricing and availability.

Step 4: Travel Appointment

Bring to your travel appointment the ticket cost per person (including cost of any applicable service fees per ticket), dates of travel, destination of travel, number of people/tickets, airline name, and legal names and date of birth for all travelers. The SLICE Financial Assistant will call travel agency to confirm all details and payment from the organization Oracle account.

Not Permitted

EXPEDIA, ORBITZ, and any other online travel vendor are not permitted when making arrangements through SLICE.  These outside vendors are ONLY permitted if you are paying out of pocket for airfare, and plan to request reimbursement.

Please Note

Travel not booked through the SLICE Office must be paid in full by the students who are traveling. A reimbursement can be issued as long as the travel is approved to be reimbursed by the JFC.


Preferred Travel Agencies

Tzell Travel Group
510 East Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15106
Phone: 412-278-2300 or 800-466-7801
Fax: 412-278-2990

Name: Jennifer Thomas
Phone: 412-278-2300, ext 125, SEI Direct Line: 412-722-1458
Fax: 412-278-2990

Additional contacts:
Peoples Travel
201 S. Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412) 621-0799
Fax: (412) 621-5438

Patty Truchok
Phone: 412-621-0799
CTS International, Inc.
308 Dewey Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone: (412) 371-8444
Fax: (412) 371-8555
Toll Free: 1-877-371-8444