Carnegie Mellon University


Fundraising Options On-Campus
  • Collect dues from members
  • Bake sales (please refer to the Food Safety Policy)
  • Selling merchandise (flowers, doughnuts, candy, etc)
  • Selling services (housekeeping, yard work, car washes)
  • Charging admission to events
Fundraising Options Off-Campus
  • Asking businesses to donate goods to use as prizes
  • Seeking donations of goods or services to directly support your organization's programs (such as donated pizza for an activity)
  • Asking for monetary donations from organization alumni, friends and family
  • Seeking Corporate Sponsorship
All money collected from fundraisers or dues must be deposited directly into the organization’s university account. No organizational money should ever be deposited into a personal banking account. Student Organizations are NOT ALLOWED to accept monies via Paypal, Venmo, Square or other method which requires funds to flow through personal bank accounts. Please see Handling Cash and Making A Deposit for more information.

Co-sponsoring programs with other organizations is also a good way to reduce the cost of an event for your organization. Look for university departments or other student organization with similar missions and pool resources to co-sponsor events.

Important Notes


Under Pennsylvania state law, 50/50 raffles or raffles of any kind are prohibited without a license. Please contact Student Activities prior to your event if you plan to give away prizes or awards. Specific documentation may be required to ensure that the University remains compliment with IRS tax law. Visit our policies page to learn more.
Ticket Sales

Per University Policy, student organizations are NOT allowed to accept payment through Paypal, Venmo or Square or any vendor that requires a personal bank account. Student organizations ARE allowed to use the on-line ticketing service or Eventbrite (proceeds as a check written out to Carnegie Mellon University).