Carnegie Mellon University

Credit Card Terminals

Student Activities now offers handheld credit card terminals for student organizations to accept payments! Student organizations that are in good financial standing will have the ability to sign out credit card terminals. Our credit card terminals are wireless, portable, easy to use, and offers the customer another payment option.  Credit card terminals can be used to take payments while tabling, selling tickets to an event, or to collect membership dues.

Steps For Requesting A Credit Card Terminal:

Complete the Credit Card Terminal Request form on The Bridge:  The organization’s Authorized Signer can submit a Credit Card Terminal Bridge request form. All students that will be handling the credit card terminals must be listed on the form and have already attended training. Be sure that the Bridge Credit Card Terminal Request form is submitted at least 3 days prior to your tabling/event. An application does not guarantee a credit card terminal will be approved for your use.
You will receive notification of the status of your request via The Bridge, as well as an email sent to your Andrew account. Request a Credit Card Terminal
Attend a Credit Card Security Training Session:  Each individual student org member who is planning to handle the credit card terminal MUST attend a short training on credit card security and protecting private data prior to use. Email Adrienne Borkowski to schedule a training.
Credit Card Terminal pick up:
  • A Credit card terminal will be available for pick up at the time and date that you requested and was approved, unless otherwise notified
  • A Credit Card agreement form must be completed and a staff member will go over terminal procedures
  • A staff member will  review your responsibilities while the terminal is in your organization’s possession
  • Staff member will also confirm return date and time
  • Please allow 15  minutes to ensure adequate time for picking up the terminal
Credit Card Terminal drop off:
  • For terminal drop off, please return terminal inside locked bag, with all contents, to staff member at front office at Student Activities
  • Failure to return terminal to SLICE Office by the agreed upon return date AND time will result in immediate loss of privileges