Carnegie Mellon University

Seeking Additional University Funding

There are four main bodies that facilitate a special allocation process for individuals and organizations that are seeking additional funds to supplement their allocation budgets for specific initiatives/events, to cover unanticipated/unexpected costs, or to provide start up monies to support new initiatives or groups. A Common Funding Application has been created to centralize the funding request to the below entities and gather pertinent information about why the funding is needed and how much is needed.

Undergraduate Student Senate (Senate) Student Dormitory Council (SDC) Division of Student Affairs (DOSA)
Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Colloborative Event Funding (SBVPO)
Each funding group incorporates funding philosophies and metrics to determine if funding requests are applicable and align with the mission/purpose of the event/project/trip that is in need of funding. The metrics and application can be found in the Common Funding Application.

The SBVPF can also help organizations reach out to other university sources of funding such as the Vice Provost for Education, Vice President for Campus Affairs, Academic Departments and Tartans Abroad.

University money from other departments can be transferred directly into your oracle account. Please have the business manager from the department providing the funds email the Senior Financial Administrator for processing.