Carnegie Mellon University

Transitioning Your Leadership

The Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE) believes that one of the best ways to sustain the success of your organization is to successfully transition information within your outgoing and incoming leadership. We hope that the following list is helpful for you in starting that conversation.

1.   Updating The Bridge:

  • The Profile Administrator should remove leadership position titles of outgoing leaders and update members with new leadership positions.
  •  New leadership should make sure that they are checking The Bridge on a regular and consistent basis regarding communication sent to all organizations or to your organization.
  • Profile Administrators should make sure that the SLICE – Student Activities created position templates are being utilized (i.e. President, Vice President, etc.), so that any communications sent to a particular position is being received by the individual holding it. In the manage positions section of the Roster, Profile Administrators can change template names to better reflect your leadership position titles and create additional positions.
  • Please make sure to be checking your Roster – Manage Roster – for any prospective students who have asked to join your organization.

2.   Files:

Does your organization utilize a shared drive or folder (Box, Google Drive, etc.)? Officers should have electronic files on organizational documents (constitution/by-laws, programming resources, thoughts for the future, copies of Recognition/JFC/UCAB applications, etc.) that can be referenced/updated by incoming leadership.

3.   Passwords:

Passwords to computers or technical devices, email accounts, voicemail, etc. should be passed on and then changed by incoming leadership. Make sure you are aware of CMU email options and renewal every year for your account. Questions can be directed to The SLICE Office has record of storage and Cohon Center Mailbox combinations, and 3rd Floor Copier Codes.

4.   Events:

Make sure you are aware of events that occur on a semester/annual basis, as well as what the organization has done in the past years. Educate yourself on how to reserve rooms, work with catering, etc. Set up a meeting with SLICE if you have questions or need support.

5.   Financials:

Make sure you have copies of your organization’s budget. Be aware of fiscal process and procedures. Each organization should designate 1-2 Authorized Signers who will be pointing the fiscal management of your organization. It is essential that outgoing Authorized Signers are transitioning new Authorized Signers on pertinent financial history of your organization.

6.   Local Contacts:

Does your officers have standing meetings with administration or faculty? What are your resources on campus? Make sure you have contact information for vendors, companies, offices, and people that your organization works with throughout the year.

7.   SLICE:

Make sure to review the SLICE website for tips/tools/strategies for a successful year. We can help with advice, ad-hoc advising, officer transition and adjustment concerns, programming help, tailored leadership workshops, and more!