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Event Management

Event Checklist

Take the time to look at your event or initiative from A to Z by going through this checklist for event logistics.

Location & Logistics

Find out more about reserving space, equipment rental, multimedia services, food services and other venue needs.

Minimizing Risk

A helpful guide to planning your event and what potential risks may exist as you execute your event.

Events With Minors

Carnegie Mellon is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all minors involved in any programs or activities sponsored by the university.

Speaker/Performer Process

[coming soon] Are you contracting with a dj, speaker, photographer, etc.? Find out what you need to do and know.

Marketing & Advertising

Promote your event or initiative through a variety of mediums.

Event Evaluation Template

It is important to learn whether you have met your event goals and what to improve in your next event.