Carnegie Mellon University

Expense Reimbursment

Expense Reimbursement Form
  • organization’s Authorized Signer must complete and sign.
  • submit within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • *NEW* Do NOT submit receipts with your completed forms.
Receipt Submission

Once the Expense Reimbursement form is processed by the SLICE finance team, the reimbursee will receive an email requesting information. This email will direct you to scan and attach your receipts electronically.

Valid Proof of Purchase (Receipt)
    • An itemized register receipt
    • A credit card receipt
    • Documentation of payment transactions
    • A canceled check (both sides of check needed)
Missing Receipt

If you do not have an original itemized receipt, then you can fill out a Missing Receipt Form (please stop by SLICE) and attach a credit card billing or checking account statement showing payment transactions.

Additional Information
  • Reimbursements take 4-6 weeks to process.
  • Reimbursements submitted over 90 days from date of purchase are considered taxable income and will require additional forms.
Tax Exemption

When paying with your own funds your purchase is NOT tax exempt, however you can be reimbursed for this expense. Organizations should take this into account as reimbursements including sales tax for large purchases can have some effect on organization budgets. Only purchases made with a University pcard are tax exempt.