Carnegie Mellon University

Tartan Leadership Conference Track Sessions

With multiple sessions hosted throughout the Cohon Center during each time block, students have the opportunity to build an experience that caters to their needs as individuals and best supports the unique needs of their organizations. 

All conference attendees will be provided conference session materials via a Google Drive link to facilitate note taking and information sharing post-conference.

All sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Financial Sessions

Finance 101

Audience: New Authorized Signers, Returning Authorized Signers

If you are new to SLICE finances or have basic spending needs, then this session is for you. Learn the basics of spending, earning and moving your organization’s money.

Finance 102

Audience: Returning Authorized Signers, Orgs with Advanced Spending

Put your SLICE finance acumen to the test with this advanced session on more complex spending habits. Get a quick refresher before learning the ins and outs of contracts and building on your financial management knowledge.

Fund Management: From Budget to Spending

Audience: Authorized Signers

Interactive session to demonstrate how to track and manage your organization’s incoming funds from JFC and other sources, as well as SMART spending to add value to your organization’s mission.

Do I Need a Contract for This?

Audience: Authorized Signers, Event Planners

This session will give you the tools you need to successfully lock down terms of service and get people paid, all while avoiding risk. Engage with SLICE financial staff to learn the full process and real examples of how contracts are handled.

Money on the Move: Travel & Transportation

Audience: Authorized Signers

Driving to Virginia for a tournament, flying for a service trip, or looking to rent the SLICE van? This session will tell you everything you need to know from booking your first travel appointment to pulling back onto campus.

Leadership & Organization Sessions

Inspiring & Encouraging Your Team

Audience: All Students, Presidents

Teamwork is central to student organization success. This workshop will teach you how to create a teamwork infrastructure that will help you avoid the most common team problems. You will learn effective strategies for collaboration and for talking with your teammates when problems occur.

Self-Awareness as a Tool for Authentic Leadership

Audience: All Student Leaders

Self-authorship enables learners to evaluate information critically, form their own judgments and collaborate with others to act wisely. This workshop will explore storytelling and reflect upon the elements of your life story, what it means for your leadership style and how it relates to the social change model.

Chips, Risk & Salsa

Audience: Presidents, Risk Managers, Event Planners

In this session, student leaders will learn how to identify, assess and mitigate risk, while competing for chips and salsa. This session includes a case study competition, the theory of risk assessment and some practical ideas to protect your club or organization.

Strategies for Community Impact

Audience: All Student Leaders, Philanthropy/Service Chairs

Every individual and student organization has the ability to contribute to their community and create positive social change. Join us for this session to learn how to incorporate civic engagement into your organization’s mission. We will focus on developing thoughtful and meaningful student-community relationships through case studies, discussion and an overview of CMU’s resources.

Controversy with Civility

Audience: All Student Leaders

Controversy is both a healthy and unhealthy behavior of teams. Research shows that groups who consider the opinions and experiences of diverse groups and individuals and engage in controversial dialogue produce better work. Come to this session to explore methods that promote healthy growth in your groups and to find ways to avoid and mitigate conflict that damage team morale and negatively impact work.

Stress Culture: Managing Your Orgs, Academics & Yourself

Audience: All Students

This session is a guide on how to tackle every responsibility you face with care and success. Through information, activities and discussion, you will leave with a better sense of how to navigate stress culture. College life and your org may pull you in many different directions, but it is possible to get everything set on the same path.

Mastering Event Management

Audience: Event Planners, All Students

Understanding and implementing the event planning cycle can increase your efficiency and produce better quality events. This session will break down the event planning cycle (Ideate > Plan > Execute > Assess) and delve into delegation, risk management and measuring event impact. You will apply the cycle to one of your organization’s events through a session activity, so come with an event or idea in mind!

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes When Leading Student Organizations

Audience: Presidents, Event Planners, Space Access Admins

Leading a student organization can be overwhelming at times, but SLICE is here to help you navigate through the inevitable bumps in the road. This session will go over the top 10 most common mistakes that student organization leaders tend to make and how to overcome them. From fully utilizing your organization’s page on The Bridge, making space reservations, creative advertising ideas to transitioning officers, we’ll go over the resources that will help you lead a successful organization.