Carnegie Mellon University

Leadership Workshops

SLICE’s general leadership workshop opportunities are open to the entire Carnegie Mellon University campus.  The goal of these programs is to delve more deeply into interesting leadership topics via keynotes, discussions, and other forms of presentation.

spring leadership workshop 2017 poster

2017 Spring Leadership Workshop: The Illusion of Perfection

Panel of speakers:
- William Alba - Director, Science and Humanities Scholars Program
- Lauren Aikin-Smith – Health Promotion Specialist, University Health Services
- Momin Malik – PhD, School of Computer Science
- Eric Zhu – Undergraduate, School of Computer Science

spring leadership workshop 2016 poster
2016 Spring Leadership Workshop: An Honest Conversation About Failure

Panel of speakers:
- Professor David Kosbie
- Professor Scott Sandage
- Angie Lusk, Housefellow
- Beth Kotarski, Director of University Health Services
- Jenn Cerully, Alum
- Sawsan Boutemine
- Becky Greubel
spring leadership workshop 2015 poster

2015 Spring Leadership Workshop: Does Busy Mean Better?

Keynote Speaker:
Brittany McCandless DC ‘08

Brittany McCandless shared her take on the relationship between busyness and leadership after her experience at CMU and in her current position with CBS This Morning.

Video of Workshop