Carnegie Mellon University

COVID-19 Student Organization Guidelines

The following guidelines are established for student organizations to maintain a dynamic and robust Carnegie Mellon experience that also prioritizes the safety and health of all members of the campus community for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Requirements for Hosting In-Person Events

Assuming all of the university’s minimum requirements are being upheld and all relevant COVID policies and guidelines are followed, student organizations can once again plan in-person meetings, events, and activities without prior approval. In-person activity requests (IPARs) are no longer needed. Likewise, Student Pandemic Safety Ambassadors do not need to attend organization activities.
If your organization’s activity, as currently planned, cannot comply with the university’s minimum requirements and related policies and guidelines, please schedule a meeting with SLICE for consultation. While the vast majority of activities can be modified to comply with the requirements, in rare cases it may be appropriate for an exception to be requested. If appropriate, SLICE will request an exception on the organization’s behalf following the consultation meeting.

All food should be professionally prepared.

  • For now, it is strongly recommended that food not be served at indoor events regardless of size.
  • At this time, no homemade food can be served at events, distributed to others, or sold for fundraisers.
  • Potlucks should not be held at this time. Professionally-prepared food should be purchased individually-wrapped and distributed in that fashion.
  • Buffets can be utilized only when served by a food service professional.
  • Food trucks meet the university’s expectations related to the preparation and distribution of food as long as their personnel are cooking and serving the food in individually wrapped containers. Learn more about hosting a food truck on campus (pdf).
  • Coffee service can be self-serve, but sugar/creamer/tea packets/condiments should be laid out in a such a way to avoid multiple people touching these items and appliances should be wiped down frequently.

Visitors, including partners and families, are permitted on campus both indoors and outdoors, as well at off-campus locations, for one-time visits and/or recurring meetings/events. Refer to the Visitor Protocol for details regarding mitigation expectations such as masking, access to buildings, etc.

Buses can now be at full capacity. Unvaccinated individuals should wear a facial covering but have no other restrictions as it relates to transportation.

Domestic university-sponsored travel, including for student organizations, has resumed. International travel is suspended until further notice.

Ticket purchases, registrations, and other commitments related to international travel should not be made at this time. Student organizations wishing to travel internationally should talk with SLICE or their appropriate academic department.

Competition is now permitted at both on and off-campus locations.
There are no additional restrictions related to activities with physical exertion.
These types of activities are still being reviewed. More information will be available shortly.

Space Availability

On-Campus Venues

Several spaces on campus will be unavailable for the fall semester or have limited use:

  • Pake, Dowd, and the Class of ‘87 in the Cohon Center will be unavailable this fall
  • McConomy Auditorium and McKenna, Peter, and Wright in the Cohon Center, as well as Simmons Auditorium in the Tepper building, will only be available from 5pm-midnight on weekdays and on weekends from 9am-midnight.
  • Wiegand Gymnasium and the Activities Room in the Cohon Center will have limited availability due to construction for the new Health, Wellness, Athletics, and Recreation building.


Additional tents will be available across campus for reservations. Tent capacities can be found on 25Live and a map of tent locations and other details will be available on the Cohon Center website. Tents will not have walls. Each tent will have 20 chairs available for use. Several tents will have string lights to accommodate meetings and activities occurring after dark.

Off-Campus Venues

Activities held off-campus should utilize the venue’s capacity guidelines. Students should continue to uphold A Tartan’s Responsibility both on and off campus.