Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-College Summer Programs

Pre-College Student Affairs

Individuals with Disabilities

Any qualified student with a physical or learning disability is entitled by law to reasonable accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Accommodations are are coordinated through the Office of Disability Resources. In order to receive services or accommodations, verification of a disability is required. In order to make accomodations for students with disabilities, you must fill out the Voluntary Disclosure of Disability form through the enrollment portal.

Air Conditioners

Please be advised that the residence halls at Carnegie Mellon University are not air conditioned. It is recommended in the residence hall rooms that students use one box fan in the window to pull out the hot air and one standing fan in the room to circulate the air.

Some students experience heightened symptoms of pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, based on recent above normal temperatures for the region. Since the process for air-conditioner approval can sometimes take several weeks, we recommend that you speak with your health care provider now about any serious medical conditions you have that can be affected by heat. If you and your health care provider decide that an air-conditioning unit is necessary, please visit the enrollment portal to complete the Special Housing Needs request process.  

University Health Services

If you have any health accommodations that you would like to speak with a Carnegie Mellon University Health Services professional about prior to your arrival, please contact 412-268-2157.

Dining Accommodations

If you have a special dining need, please fill out the Special Dining Needs Form, which can be found in the enrollment portal