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Decisions That Matter (DTM)

The Concept:

Morality Play is an innovative project course at Carnegie Mellon University. In it, students from many disciplinary backgrounds work side by side with faculty to build a creative solution to a real world problem. Each year, the project team develops a deep understanding of a complex issue—for example: economic inequality (2013), privacy in the information age (2014), or sexual assault on college campuses (2015)—before designing and building an interactive media experience that provokes moral reflection, and educates by deepening moral sensibilities. Each semester, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the way of technologically mediated learning. What is intriguing is the potential for new technologies such as online gaming, interactive film, social media, podcasts and smartphone apps change the way people learn by promoting active, exploratory learning.

Decisions That Matter:

The 2015 Morality Play team, Patronus, built Decisions That Matter (DTM) with the goal of creating an experience that educates and inspires people towards primary intervention against sexual assault on college campuses. The simulation takes the form of an interactive graphic novel, guiding the guest as a bystander through varying instances of harassment that can lead to an incident of sexual assault. The simulation should leave the guest educated on the situations in which sexual assault can occur as well as feeling empowered at the difference they can make with their actions.

To go through the simulation click on the following link:

Next Steps:

If you would like a facilitated small or large group debrief of the simulation where bystander themes and intervention strategies are discussed, please contact Jess Klein ( or Aaron George (  This debrief will take about two hours and will necessitate a classroom setting.