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Menu of Programs:

These off the shelf programs can be presented in many different formats and catered to your group, class, or organization. If you have an idea for a program that you'd like to host on campus, we would love to talk to you! Reach out to Jess Klein ( or Aaron George ( to set up a meeting!

Sexual Violence 101

Sexual assault has become a highly talked about subject on college campuses. You may find yourself debating with others about what sexual assault actually is, why it exists, and what constitutes consent? During this interactive presentation, Jess Klein will break down the following topics: rape culture, dispelling rape myths, the definition of consent, sexual empowerment, victim-blaming, and survivor empowerment.

Note: this presentation can be catered to any group on campus as long as we know what you are looking for. Ex: Is this presentation specifically for members of the LGBT community and its allies, we can talk about sexual assault and the LGBT community.

Time: 60 - 90 minutes
Setup: classroom/large-group setting

Relationship/Dating Violence 101

In a culture where sexual violence is talked about on college campuses, relationship, dating, and domestic violence are often overlooked. Relationship violence does exist on college campuses, but not everyone knows how to identify it or even notice the signs. This interactive session will cover topics such as: the cycle of violence, causes of relationship violence, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to help a friend, and more.

Note: this presentation can be catered to any group on campus as long as we know what you are looking for.

Time: 60 - 90 minutes
Setup: classroom/large-group setting

Bystander Dynamics

Sometimes we find ourselves in the face of a situation where we know we need to do something, but for some reason we don't. This presentation will unpack the psychology and cultural expecations that impact our decision making abilities, especially in tough situations where our actions, no matter how small, can make big impacts.

Note: please contact Aaron George ( for a consultation meeting before setting up a date for this program.

Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Setup: classroom, A/V equipment, Large-Group Setting

Gender and the Media

How did you first learn if you were a boy or a girl? How do the gender roles we are assigned affect our lives? Gender roles have a significant impact in the characters we see on TV and how gender is portrayed in the media.

Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Setup: A/V equipment, classroom style

Feminist Masculinity

Masculinity, maleness, patriarchy, feminism, are all layed terms that are used, but sometimes misunderstood. This presentation will take a unique look at all these terms and explore how they are related and inform one another with the ultimate goal of understanding the need to promote a Feminist Masculinity identity within those who identify as male.

Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Setup: classroom style

Frameworks for Ethical Decision Making

In this program participants will learn how to identify an ethical decision and review 3 different frameworks for making ethical decisions (Duty, Virtuous, and Consequential). After reviewing the models participants will spend time in small groups applying the frameworks to case studies and exploring the complexities of using just one framework for making ethical decisions.

Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Setup: A/V equipment, classroom style

Conflict Resolution

Are you comfortable with how you respond to the daily conflict that occurs in your life? Do you see these conflicts as negative? This session will give you the opportunity to learn about the five styles of conflict management and identify your primary style. You will discuss the pros and cons of each style and how best to respond to the conflicts that you experience.

Time: 45 minutes
Setup: A/V equipment, classroom style

Facilitating a Dialogue

Learn the skills needed to assist others in resolving conflict. After reviewing the five styles of conflict management and learning your primary style, you will learn a six step process that allows you to help two individual resolve a conflict. Resolving minor conflicts when they occur will prevent them from becoming larger issues that cannot be resolved.

Time: 75 - 90 minutes
Setup: A/V equipment, classroom style

Followership: Leading through a different lens

This session will reframe the way you look at leadership within your student organization, residence hall or place of employment. Most leadership programs focus on understanding leadership types and evaluating yourself as an individual. In reality, these groups are composed of followers who have their own style of following. This program will review, discuss and apply the five Followership styles studied by Barbara Kellerman in her book Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders. Understanding these five Followership styles within your leadership role can help you more effectively work with your peers by better understanding those you are leading.

Time: 60 minutes
Setup: A/V equipment, classroom style

Combatting Street Harassment and Cat-Calling

Have you ever walked down the street when someone has yelled crude words at you? Have you ever been cat-called? This interactive discussion addresses cat-calling and street harassment. This program is a way for students to share their similar experiences of street harassment and talk about ways we, as a community, can put an end to it.

Note: this program was created by CMU senior, Elizabeth Martin, in her efforts to learn more about and combat street harassment.

Time: 60 - 90 minutes
Setup: classroom/small-group setting

Gender Films and Books

We have access to a host of films and books for different classes, programs, and discussions. If you're interested in seeing the library please email Jess Klein: