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Marketing & Communications

Let's share our stories.

Student Affairs Marketing and Communications leads and coordinates projects and strategic initiatives to raise the division’s visibility for its students and other audiences and to elevate our brand as a division.

We will work with you and our campus partners to share your stories, using a wide array of mediums, outlets and platforms, to ensure that the exceptional programs, services and resources of Student Affairs make a positive and lasting impact on our students and the broader community.

Student Affairs Marketing and Communications enhances the student experience through strategic marketing and streamlined communication initiatives; engages with our audiences through relevant, inspiring, informational and timely content; and elevates the Carnegie Mellon Student Affairs brand, internally and externally.

To achieve these goals, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications will focus on five strategies:

  • Streamline communications across the division to become more effective communicators and to better inform our students and other audiences.
  • Create content to reflect and market the DOSA brand, enhance the audience experience, educate students on divisional programming and increase participation, and share divisional stories and news to internal and external audiences.
  • Assist individual DOSA units with brand development and strategic planning, from the perspective of a collective DOSA brand.
  • Identify internal and external public relations opportunities that bolster pride and school spirit, better inform audiences, share DOSA stories of impact, support an inclusive community and position the division as an industry leader.
  • Establish divisional marketing and communications procedures to create content and collect, analyze and distribute information.

Newsletters & Distribution Lists (D-Lists)

Announcements Weekly newsletter sent via Constant Contact to RAs and CAs on Mondays. They are then to share the info with their residents. Submit content to announcements email address  Fridays at 5 p.m.
DOSA D-List Sent to all staff within the division on an as-needed basis.

Submit content to Content will be reviewed by Shari and/or Lorrie before it is sent. 

Advisor D-list Sent to college advisors, college liaisons and housefellows on an as-needed basis.

 Submit content to Advisor d-list

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter Bi-weekly newsletter sent via Mailchimp on Fridays.  Submit content to Sam Colavecchio for her consideration.
Submission form coming soon
CPDC Newsletter Bi-weekly(ish) newsletter sent via Handshake on Thursdays. Sent to all students except Tepper master students and Heinz students. Submit content to Paula Drelick for her consideration.  Paula Drelick 
Tuesdays at 5 pm
Scotty Scoop (SLICE) Bi-weekly newsletter sent via TartanConnect. Sent to student leaders of student orgs. Submit content to Jack Crone Last week of the month 
Fraternity & Sorority Life Leader Lowdown
newsletter sent via TartanConnect.  Sent to student leaders of fraternity and sorority chapters Taylor Ritzert 

Nexus of Civic Engagement Newsletter

weekly newsletter on civic engagement opportunities sent via TartanConnect. This is an opt in newsletter.

Meggan Lloyd 
OIE Friday Greetings Sent every Friday from The HUB/Enrollment Services to all international students Submit content to Becky Choltco. Becky Choltco
Graduate Student Newsletter Bi-weekly newsletter sent to all graduate students via Mailchimp on Mondays.  Submit content to Desiree Chronick.  Desiree Chronick 
The Friday prior
Be Well Newsletter Monthly newsletter sent via Constant Contact. This is an opt in newsletter. Submit content to Angie Lusk.  Angie Lusk 
Last week of the month 
Fitness D-List Sent on an as needed basis to those who opt in. Submit content to Pattye Pattye Stragar
Spirituality and Religious Life Newsletter Sent via Constant Contact. This is an opt in newsletter.  Submit content to Jonny Cagwin Jonny Cagwin 

Digital Displays

Student Academic Success Center (Visix)

Submit content to Leanna Strawoet at

Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (Visix)

Locations: Kirr Commons (bottom screen), Lower and First Floor SLICE offices 
Submit content to Amy Weston at 

Athletics (Visix & Daktronics)

Locations & Dimensions: Gesling Stadium (480x264px), Tennis Court (216x108px)
Submit contact to Andrea James at   

Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion (Visix)

Dimensions: 9:16 ratio (1080x1920px)
Submit content to Sam Colavecchio at

Cohon University Center (Visix)

Location & Dimensions: Lee Lobby (1080x1920px)

  • The primary requirement for this digital board is that it must be advertising a specific event, and that event must be occurring in the Cohon Center.
  • Images must also follow our standard protocols for posting (policy on our website)
  • Submit content to in JPEG, PNG or PDF format

Meet Our People

Rachel Latsko

Rachel Latsko

Marketing & Communications Manager for Student Affairs

Margaret Morrison Street

Mandi Semple

Mandi Semple

Director of Marketing & Communications for Student Affairs

Margaret Morrison Street

Jeremy Hruska

Jeremy Hruska

Photographer for Student Affairs

Margaret Morrison Street

Sarah Abrams

Intern for Website Content Creation, Layout & Accessibility for Student Affairs

Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences, '24

Smrithi Krishna Kumar

Intern for Website Content Creation, Layout & Accessibility for Student Affairs

B.A. in Graphic Design, Northumbria University
College of Engineering, '23

Our Communicators

Representatives from each unit in Student Affairs come together once a month for the Student Affairs Communicators Meeting to discuss news and story ideas, review upcoming events, brainstorm marketing initiatives for the division, uncover partnership opportunities, identify photography and video opportunities, and more. Would you like to be a part of this team? Request to join the Student Affairs Communicators


Branding is how we walk, talk and present ourselves to the world. Our values and beliefs, culture and impact, vision and voice create our brand. Brand is the "why" people choose you.

Our goal is to create and maintain a consistent, compelling and authentic brand experience within Student Affairs and Carnegie Mellon. Our team can work with you to establish a branding process for a department, program or initiative. From here, we can identify opportunities and create assets that will support and communicate your brand, whether that be graphics, copy or video. We're here to help you tell it like a Tartan.

Our Student Affairs brand and its guidelines are a reflection of the CMU brand. Every action — whether visual, written or spoken — is branding. Understanding of and compliance with our university brand standards will ensure that we are all working together to enhance the reputation of CMU.

Learn about CMU's Brand Guidelines


You have access to the CMU brand and Student Affairs brand assets, including Scotty dog, the CMU color palette, divisional unit marks, program logos, signage templates and vetted photography on the DOSA Shared Drive.

The path to access is: DOSA Shared Drive (S:) > Division Share > Marketing Shared


Residential Education Engage Framework

Residential Education has embarked on the Engage Framework within Carnegie Mellon's house communities. This initiative will inspire residential students to participate in enriching experiences, on and off campus, to promote their sense of belonging and emerging sense of self. This branding initiative included developing assets, such as icons and graphics, creating posters, PDF and PowerPoint templates, and more.

Engage branding sample including icons, posters, graphic elements, PPT and PDF templates

Tartan Community Day 2022

Tartan Community Day is a day for students, faculty and staff to take a break from the daily norm and to connect, restore and play, in meaningful ways. Each year, Tartan Community Day embraces a new theme that guides their programming and events. The 2022 theme was "transformation" at all levels: the key to transformation is you and me. Branding assets included brand look, t-shirt designs, signage, email headers, web and social media graphics.


Everything we do in marketing for Student Affairs is ultimately about telling our stories.

Written Storytelling

The first step to sharing those stories is knowing about them, then crafting them, and then deciding how we will share them. Student Affairs Marketing and Communication specializes in identifying stories and public relations opportunities that bolster pride and school spirit, inform our audiences, demonstrate impact, support an inclusive community and position Carnegie Mellon Student Affairs as an industry leader.

Share you story ideas with us

Student Affairs staff are often approached by media outlets to learn more about our programs and initiatives, student accomplishments or philosophies that guide our work.

What to do if you're approached by media outlets:

  • To support and coordinate our efforts as a university, please forward all media requests directly to  Mandi Semple prior to participating in any type of dialogue or interview with a reporter.
  • You can expect that Mandi will be in touch with you regarding next steps.


Requests from local media outlets for scores for an athletic event or general information about a sports team can be handled directly by CMU’s Athletics Sports Information team.


Social Media Accessibility & Inclusive Storytelling

As part of the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion's Diversity and Inclusion Network (DIN) series, Marketing and Communications Manager for Student Affairs Rachel Latsko presented about accessibility and inclusive storytelling on social media.

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is a technique that allows people to imagine themselves in an experience and narrative through visual media, like graphic design illustrations, photography and video. They grab our attention, evoke emotion and transport us into the story.

Showing authentic experiences is a crucial part of the Student Affairs and CMU brand. While individual students, alumni, faculty and staff are incredibly important to our storytelling, it's important to show their interaction with others to reinforce the sense of collaboration, belonging and community. We can help you decide how to best tell your visual stories and through what medium.

Rachel is a graphic designer who can help your team with design of digital signage content, posters, flyers, logos, invitations and social shares. For larger projects, like space design, menu development, or multi-page print pieces, our team will manage the project and work with our partners on the creative team in University Communications and Marketing (UCM).

Share your graphic design needs with us

Videos share information and stories in engaging, transparent and compelling ways and can be used across a variety of platforms. We can help identify the best type of video for your needs, with budget considerations in mind. We are able to offer a limited number of student-produced videos each semester and we also produce professional videos with our partners in University Communications and Marketing and Media Services.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs has their very own staff photographer, Jeremy Hruska, who you might recognize as the lead IT support technician in Student Affairs.  Jeremy is a true testament to the interdisciplinary nature and talent at CMU. He is available for photo sessions at no-cost for our Student Affairs partners if he has the capacity in his schedule. Please contact us to see if Jeremy is available.

University Communications & Marketing

We work with our university photographers to procure high-quality photos for many purposes, from capturing events to visual content for websites, social media and newsletters. You can reach out to their department directly or contact us to coordinate the shoot and get a cost estimate.

Student Affairs Photography

By Jeremy Hruska

CMU student Obi poses in his graduation gown and medals in front of the College of Fine Arts
Students walking along the Mall in front Hamerschlag Hall on a sunny day
Japanese Student Association students tabling along the Cut
Pre-College student works on a project with paper art in class
CMU Health Promotion team poses outside of Margaret Morrison
Students write their signatures on eachother's shirt
Coach places a hand on the back of a football player
Yummy meal from Dining Services


Your website is the digital representation of your department and a key tool to inform and engage your audience. Our websites are managed in the University's content management system (CMS).

Our goal is to create a consistent user experience across all Student Affairs sites, from both a desktop and mobile perspective. We work to ensure that all content is accessible and compliant with ADA regulations and that analytics and metric tools are correctly embedded. With the help of our divisional partners, we seek to increase the creation of fresh content in the shape of news stories, photos and videos, as well as a comprehensive Student Affairs events calendar.

If you are interested in a redesign of a current site or the creation of a new site within Student Affairs, we can help you get started.

Our favorite hashtags are #LifeAtCMU, #TartanProud & #CMUsocial

Social Media

Our team uses social media to showcase the daily life and experiences of CMU students. "Life at CMU" is the brand for our social efforts. We also collaborate with other divisional social accounts and the main Carnegie Mellon social accounts and channels.

Operating within a set of guidelines ensures your brand's look and feel, tone, messaging and user experience are cohesive and consistent. As a part of the larger social media brand at CMU, we adhere to central CMU Social Media guidelines.

Here are additional tips and best practices to get you started:

  • Your content should be visually interesting, mobile-first posts created for the right audience.
  • Content should be accurately sized to the platform.
  • Content should be created specifically for the platform. No posters or fliers in your Instagram feed.
  • Create accessible content and utilize accessibility features like alt-text and video captions. No flattened text on images, unless you utilize alt-text.
  • Set up your Instagram account as a business account in order to utilize its insights and analytics features.
  • Tag relevant partner accounts in your posts to increase your audience reach.
  • Utilize CMU-specific hashtags when relevant. #LifeAtCMU #CarnegieMellon #CarnegieMellonUniversity #CMU #TartanProud #CMUsocial #AllTartans #CMUgrad
  • Utilize location features to increase discoverability. Tag the location as Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Utilize features to make your links clickable and actionable. You shouldn't post links in images or in captions where the links are not active.
  • Do not follow student, staff or faculty personal accounts. Keep your audience limited to peer colleges and universities, Pittsburgh institutions or community partners, and accounts for CMU clubs, departments or divisions.

To submit content to the @LifeAtCMU Instagram account, email our team copy and quality images, or better yet, tag us in your content. If the content is advertising an event, it’s best to share that content at least a few days in advance. 

Copy should include what is happening, why it is special or noteworthy, when did it happen or when will it happen, where more info can be found, etc. It’s also ideal to send along only a few quality photos for us to choose from. 

Content will be shared on the @LifeAtCMU Instagram account either in the feed, which is carefully curated, or in Instagram Story, where most submitted content lands. 

As the University Communications and Marketing Social Media team rebuilds, Matt Minczeski and Yana Ilieva are the central social channel interim contacts. While we encourage you to submit content to them directly, please copy us on your email so we are aware of your collaboration and can support you with photography, copy, contacts, etc. as needed. You can also submit stories and content ideas to


Before we can improve our communication efforts, we must fully understand what they look like and how they are resonating with intended audiences. Additionally, we must test and experiment with different modes of communication so that we can better determine what works well, what may need some enhancement, and what isn't working at all. This type of assessment will allow us to spend our time most effectively by doing the work that reaches students and eliminating the work that isn't showing the return on investment.

Our team utilizes the following assessment tools:

If you have an analytics question or would like to request a specific report, please contact our team.