Carnegie Mellon University

Information Technology

The Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) Information Technology (IT) team exists as a resource to provide information technology expertise in the areas of process and workflow efficiency, system analysis and design, software and hardware management, project management and general IT consulting. Our services will help ensure that DOSA departments are equipped to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and operate efficiently while meeting the mission and goals of the Division of Student Affairs and Carnegie Mellon University.

Here are some of the standard services we offer the Division of Student Affairs:

  • Divisional IT strategy, security and conduit to Computing Services
  • Custom application development and life-cycle management (in-house or oversight)
  • Development/management of software application data interfaces (in-house or oversight)
  • General IT consulting for new hardware and software purchasing
  • Systems analysis to improve workflow and/or efficiency using technology or assist in data aggregation/reporting
  • Technology hardware acquisition and inventory
  • Printer toner management
  • End User/Desktop support services

Meet the IT Team