Guide to Departments in the Division of Student Affairs

The departments within The Division of Student Affairs constitute a broad-based system of programs and services designed to meet the intellectual, artistic, occupational, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural needs of the student body.

Career and Professional Development Center
Kevin Monahan,  Director and Associate Dean of Student Affairs
West Wing Second Floor, 412-268-2064

The Career and Professional Development Center is committed to motivating and empowering students to explore academic and professional options as they pursue their career paths. The center provides a comprehensive range of services, programs, and materials focusing on career exploration and decision making, skill development, experiential learning, and career placement. Career consultants partner with the seven colleges to provide individualized support, general career programming, and college-specific workshops.

Conference & Event Services and
Pre-College Summer Studies
Beth Yazemboski, Director
Cohon University Center-LL85, 412-268-1125

Conference & Event Services (CES) takes pride in delivering professional and organized events. With over 40 years of combined event planning experience, CES is a one-stop-shop for catering, room reservations, summer campus housing, hotel accommodations, audio/visual, parking, web registration, and many more customized services. Our staff works closely with university and external event hosts to ensure quality services for conferences, meetings, summer camps and events.

Pre-College is a six-week summer program for students entering their junior or senior year in high school.  Students can either explore architecture, art & design, drama, music or the National High School Game Academy to prepare for study at the college level. Through the Advanced Placement/Early Admission program, students can take two challenging college courses to gain advanced placement and get a head start in college.

Counseling and Psychological Services
, Director
Morewood Gardens E-Tower, 412-268-2922

Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS) at Carnegie Mellon offers students the opportunity to talk about personal or academic concerns in a safe, confidential setting. Students come to CaPS for many reasons including but not limited to problems with family, friends, or school; concerns about the future; and feelings of stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, or loneliness. We're here to talk with students about issues that are significant for them. We also offer consultation to staff, faculty, and parents who have concerns about a student's well-being. Any discussion regarding a client of the center necessitates a written consent by the student permitting us to release information including whether the student has been seen at CaPS. Counseling Center services are provided at no cost. Crisis assistance is available 24 hours a day by calling the center.

Dining Services
Pascal Petter, Director
1060 Morewood Avenue, 412-268-2139

Dining Services is responsible for providing the campus community with healthy dining options, a pleasurable dining experience, and good tasting, quality food with the highest level of variety, convenience, value, and sustainability.  We aim to offer exciting and varied choices tailored to meet the diverse needs of our CMU population.  We do so through partnerships with 11 vendors who operate more than 30 dining concepts in 14 different academic, administrative, and residential buildings across the Pittsburgh campus.

Housing  Services
Thomas Cooley, Director
The Residence on Fifth, 412-268-2139

Housing Services is committed to providing quality accommodations for the Carnegie Mellon University community and is responsible for all operational and facility services for its residents.  Students are immersed into a community of their peers where learning extends far beyond the classroom.  Housing Services also provides community housing information to assist graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and staff who are seeking housing in the communities surrounding the university.

Office of Community Standards & Integrity
Lucas Christain
Morewood Gardens, Student Life Suite, 412-268-2140

The Office of Community Standards & Integrity (OCSI) encourages each student to cultivate the highest standards of personal conduct, congruent with the expectations of Carnegie Mellon University. We are dedicated to providing advocacy, support, and education that promotes personal integrity and community responsibility. In acknowledgement of each student's ability to grow from their experiences, we facilitate learning through reflective student conduct and academic integrity processes that uphold the ideals of the Carnegie Mellon community.

Office of the Dean
Gina Casalegno
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Warner Hall 301, 412-268-2075

The Office of the Dean provides central leadership and guidance of the metacurricular experience at Carnegie Mellon including the direction of divisional strategic planning, coordination of student support and crisis intervention and referral, and facilitation of divisional and student life assessment efforts. The office is an important contact point when a student's need is apparent and it is not clear where to turn for help. Staff members within the office also serve as housefellows to Shady Oak, Neville, Clyde Street, Doherty and the Intersection Apartments (Woodlawn, Roselawn and Margaret Morrison).

Office of Orientation & First Year Programs
, Director and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Morewood Gardens 1B8, 412-268-4887

The Office of Orientation and First Year Programs is responsible for providing vision and leadership for a comprehensive approach to new student orientation and transition programs. The office provides programs, opportunities and services to help students and family members successfully transition to the Carnegie Mellon community. Areas of concentration include new student Orientation, Family Weekend, and special event planning. The Assistant Dean also serves the housefellow for the Welch and Henderson house communities.

Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement
Elizabeth Vaughan, Director and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Cohon University Center 103, 412-268-8704

The Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE) is a new department that brings together three teams, Student Activities, Greek Life, and Civic Engagement, in an effort to create a more holistic metacurricular experience for our undergraduate and graduate students.

The creation of SLICE is reflective of the Division of Student Affairs’ ambition to prioritize the values of leadership and civic engagement, infusing them throughout a student’s involvement in arenas such as their student organizations, Greek organizations, and residential communities. The office will facilitate the growth and development of our students by supporting students in their efforts to shape their own CMU experience, and knowledge of the CMU community to create diverse involvement opportunities that will deeply engage students in the Carnegie Mellon community and beyond. 

Student Affairs Operations
Josh Centor, Interim Associate Dean
Skibo Gym 204, 412-268-8054

On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, the Operations Unit oversees the operations of Conference & Event Services, Dining Services, Housing Services and Jared L. Cohon University Center.

Office of Residential Education
Helen Wang, Director of Residential Education
Morewood Gardens A-Tower, 412-268-2142

The Office of Residential Education provides opportunities that emphasize community engagement, leadership and social responsibility while actively supporting the personal and professional development of students. To this end, we coordinate residence life for first-year and upperclass students through our house model.  Our professional staff, called Housefellows, advance a broad-based vision for student development by utilizing the residential house community as a focal point for the student experience on campus. The Housefellow's role involves serving as students' primary metacurricular advocate at the university while enhancing their social, academic, intellectual, artistic and personal development. Students lead the development and implementation of a vibrant, engaging experience in these houses through their work as Resident Assistants, Community Advisors or house council members, all of whom are advised by the Housefellow.

Cohon University Center
Marcia Gerwig, Director
Cohon University Center 103, 412-268-1779

The Cohon University Center is a multi-use facility with space for dining, recreation, and programming. The office maintains the facility's infrastructure, accommodating the many users passing through as well as the many functions hosted in the center. The administration schedules all events that take place in the building, and manages event logistics and operation. The staff also manages an Information Desk, operated by student employees, where patrons can get directions, purchase tickets for student events, and request information about the campus and the city, among many other services.