Carnegie Mellon University
Executive Committee

The StuCo Executive Committee

The StuCo Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers and Members At Large. StuCo is governed by this committee along with faculty advisors. If you have any questions about StuCo, please email us at


  • Kristin Lavery, Course Administrator
  • Dr. Judith Hallinen, Faculty Advisor

Current StuCo Committee Members

  • Anne Kohlbrenner
  • Hannah Kim
  • Yuan Bing
  • Inez Khan
  • Satoru Ozaki
  • Crystear Liu
  • Jay Liu
  • Kashish Garg
  • Katherine Forrester
  • Ruby Zhu
  • Serina Liu

Past StuCo Committee Members

  • Alexander Franchuk, President
  • Ming Wu, Co-President
  • Sean He, Administrative Chair
  • Sankalp Bhatnagar, Vice President/President and Design Chair
  • Mark Erazo, President
  • Neha Chaurasia, President
  • Will Frankenstein, Administrative Chair
  • Ian Nieves, Founding President (Computer Science)
  • Sandeep Movva, President (Information Systems)
  • Ellen Graham, Public Relations (Music)
  • Mark Egerman, Public Relations (Computer Science)
  • Alex McAuley, Course Management (Modern Languages)
  • Stephanie Wallach, Ex-Officio Advisor (Director of Undergraduate Research)
  • Janet Stocks, Ex-Officio Advisor (Director of Undergraduate Research)
  • Rion McKeithon, Marketing Manager (Mathematics)
  • Menna Mulugetta, Treasurer & President (Business Administration)
  • Neil Sanyal, President & Course Manager (Business Administration)
  • Shawn Alwani, President (Business Administration)
  • Sunny Shah, Vice President
  • Vrushali Paunikar, Marketing
  • Jyoti Joshi, Secretary
  • Simran Grover, Teacher Liaison
  • Rohan Kilachand, Treasurer
  • Raunaq Palejwala, Marketing
  • Daniel Pehush, Co-President
  • Silvia Brown, Marketing
  • (Kenny) Kaichong Huang, Web Administrator
  • Alexandra Grande, President (Chemical Engineering)
  • Yiru Yao, President
  • Kwanpo Cheng, Administrative Chair
  • Cecilia Kiker, President