Innovation in Teaching

Strategic Recommendation

Incentivize innovative and scholarly approaches to teaching.

  • Develop and use objective measures of learning gain and teaching—in addition to faculty course evaluations—in the promotion and tenure process.
  • Reward education research and innovation in the promotion and tenure process, for example, by crediting discipline-based education research and evidence-based innovations.
  • Offer and incentivize regular professional development related to teaching and curricular innovation.
  • Create more innovative learning spaces, and support their use in improving student outcomes.
  • Leverage the expertise and distinctive roles of teaching track faculty to advance the overall educational mission.


Recent Accomplishments

  • CMU has created new faculty and staff awards to recognize innovation in teaching and educational impact.
  • The Eberly Center for Teaching and Learning hosted the inaugural Education Summit in fall 2017 to showcase new instructional strategies and technologies, to learn about educational research by CMU instructors and learning scientists, and to share ideas and experiences.
  • Upon its completion, the new Tepper Quad will house a new, state-of-the-art Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Center.  Designed as a catalyst for campus-wide collaboration the TEL Center will enable technology-enhanced learning and research in conjunction with pedagogical and technological expertise of the Eberly Center