Strategic Plan 2025

5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

  • Goal: Deep Disciplinary Knowledge

    Provide students with what is demonstrably the best education in the world in their disciplines; inspire them to seek knowledge, not just while they are at CMU, but throughout their lifetimes.
  • Goal: Leadership, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills

    Give students the knowledge and skills that are increasingly important in today’s interconnected world, including interpersonal, professional, and visual communications skills; collaboration and teamwork, especially with diverse others; empathy and concern for the welfare of others; and organizational and leadership skills.

  • Goal: Knowing How to Learn

    Cultivate a learning environment in which students are challenged to know when they need to learn more, supported to find appropriate resources with which to learn more, and encouraged to explore how they learn most effectively as individuals throughout their lifetimes.

  • Goal: Personal Development, including Physical and Emotional Health and Well-Being

    Encourage individuals to pursue a high quality of life, to develop their talents and interests, and to value physical, emotional, and spiritual health throughout their lifetimes.

  • Goal: A Diverse and Inclusive Community

    Create a diverse and inclusive community and environment where CMU faculty, staff, students, and alumni develop a distinctive ability to work, learn, and live in diverse environments.
  • Goal: A Concentration of World-Class Talent

    Recruit and retain world-class undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff; foster a culture of support for professional and personal development.
  • Goal: A Culture of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Problem Solving

    Engage students, faculty, and staff in meaningful interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems; provide students with the tools to integrate perspectives across boundaries, with an emphasis on deep disciplinary knowledge driving new thinking at the edges and intersections of traditional fields.

  • Goal: An Interconnected Network for Research and Creativity

    Grow the research and creativity enterprise as a broad and interconnected network of exploratory activities, including creative endeavors, basic discoveries, and translational innovations.
  • Goal: A Destination of Choice for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Make CMU the academic destination for faculty, staff, students, and alumni seeking a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship with opportunities to learn, conceive, collaborate, launch, and lead in new endeavors.
  • Goal: Leadership in Research and Creativity

    Student At IDeATe

    Lead and be widely recognized for achieving excellence in research and creativity, advancing the understanding of fundamental questions, and developing solutions to problems of societal significance.

  • Goal: Regional Impact

    Continue to contribute significantly to economic growth and quality of life in Pittsburgh, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and all the regions where CMU operates.

  • Goal: Engaging and Impacting the Global Community

    Build on leadership in world-class education and research outside the borders of a traditional university campus; focus on continued international engagement, and deeper and broader incorporation of the full CMU experience around the world.